World PVP System

To start a PVP action in the world, you have to follow the rules, read carefully the PVP Rules in Server Rules Page.
If a player or a group of players kill another player, can obtain a PVP reward in EXP, GOLD, ITEMS and Tokens (Minimum level required 10+)
You can use the PVP Tool to set some specific players/races/lvl ranges as hostile.
  • If you kill a player that is not in range with you (too low), he/she won't receive any penalty, and will be resurrected at his/her respawn location.
  • If you kill a player that has an Experience Debit, you won't receive any bonus, and he/she won't receive any penalty (see Experience Debit System for more info)
You can never attack or cast hostile spells against players that are neutral toward you. You must use the PVP Tool or set manually Dislike before attempting any kind of attack.

Read your PVP Tool Description for more info.