Token System

There are 3 different kind of Tokens in Nodock. Each of them can be looted from dead corpses.
They can be exchanged for goods or services in "Epic Zone - Castle Glendario". You can reach this location from different portal across main factions capitals.

  • Check map on home page for more info!
Boss Tokens:
The most valuable currency in Nordock, these tokens can be looted from level 40+ Dungeon Boss & Raid Boss, Raid Mini Boss and level 40+ Dungeon & Raid Chests (See Nordock Dungeons & Raids for more info).
You can use this tokens to:

  • Purchase unique Boss Items (Nordock Craft Gear).
  • Exchange 1 Boss Token for 10 Epic Tokens.
  • Exchange 1 Boss Token for 20 Skin Tokens.
  • Exchange 5 Boss Tokens for a random Socketable Gem (See Socketable Items for more info).
  • Exchange a specific amount of Boss Tokens to purchase a Premium Race Token (See Races for more info).
  • You can generate Boss Tokens also by scrapping some Boss Items inside the Special Forge in Epic Zone - Castle Gledario.

Epic Tokens:
High Value Currency in Nordock, these tokens can be looted from level 20+ Dungeon Boss, level 20+ Dungeon Chests and also from lvl 39+ creatures over the world (See Nordock Dungeons & Raids for more info).
You can use these tokens to:

  • Exchange 10 Epic Tokens for 1 Boss Token.
  • Exchange 1 Epic Token for 2 Skin Tokens.
Skin Tokens:
The least valuated token, these tokens can be looted randomly from any creature and from some lesser Mini Boss in any Dungeon. 
You can use these token to purchase some unique Skins from Mulrok Skin Shop.

NOTE: remember that the game engine changes you size based on the skin you are purchasing! 
  • A Ogre skin will make you LARGE size, which means that normal 2H weapons will be considered as 1H! So no 1.5x strength damage! (relog is required for these changes to apply).
  • If you want to equip a 2H weapon with a shield, you can do so if you purchase a LARGE skin size, but ONLY if you base strength is higher than your base dexterity (without bonus from items, buffs, etc).
  • If you have a race with a custom skin, that skin will be replaced and won't be shown anymore. Use your Player Wand to remove an unwanted Custom Skin.