Test Area


To enter the TEST area, create a new character and either put into "First Name" or "Last Name" fields the "TEST" string (without quotes, case sensitive), the field you choose will only have to contain the "TEST" string (without quotes), use the other text field to recognize the build you are testing, or put whatever you want in it. 

If you do that correctly, your character will be immediately directed to the Test area.

Inside the TEST area you'll find:

  • Training dummies
  • DPS Test dummies
  • Free Skin Shop (where you can test out all the available skins and how they behave with your build)
  • Training Grounds (you can call for a creature from a list to fight, these creature are the same that you can find out there while hunting with a real character)
  • Instant level 40 trainers (different levels scaling is available)
  • Free Items: +5 Items OR Boss Items OR Socketable items
  • Free alignment shift
  • 3 PVP Arena. PVP outside of these arenas is not possible (disabled via engine)
Death and Rest system do not apply here, you can rest as many times as you want, and death won't give you penalties.