Spells Changes

Basic and essential: 
How spells, abilities, AOEs, feats etc apply to a target?

If the action is hostile, it won't apply to friendly targets unless:
  • Target is a NPC associate of the caster (any summon, familiar or henchman WILL be target of hostile AOEs cast from you)
  • Target is the caster itself, and for that specific spell the caster is not immune (most of times this is the case, but some AOE spells are flagged to be immune for the caster). Also, if the caster is immune to a spell it is firing, also its associates will be immune too!
  • If the action is friendly, it will never be applied to hostile targets.
Spell DOTS:
  • Each DOT can be applied only ONCE to a target, regardless of who is the caster.
  • If a DOT already exists on a target and another caster (or the same who applied it earlier), fires the dot spell again, the effect gets replaced regardless of who the caster is (the latest will always be used)
  • Dots can have a duration, and will expire when the spell ends, or can be permanent, and can be terminated only by passing its save throw, fired at each round.
  • Spells like Restoration and Greater Restoration also remove any active DOT.
Effects from Spells:
  • Casting an effect to a target that is already affected by that effect will see the original effect replaced with the new one.
  • Either non-hostile and hostile effects! (i.e., casting again bull strength against a target which has it already will have it replaced, potentially reducing the buff amount from the previous cast)
Petrify Changes:  
Petrify effects from any in-game available spell/ability has been changed and balanced with other major disable effects:
  • The petrify effect will last 1 round for each 4 caster levels (without cap). CR60+ creatures are immune to it (Dungeon and Raid Boss).
  • Player characters are not immune to petrify anymore while wearing specific appearances.
  • Boss creatures and high CR creatures are not 100% immune to petrify anymore (they have a small chance to be affected though - around 25%)
NPC Auras:
  • DCs for auras are made as follows: 10 + (Levels / 2) + (Levels / 8) + (Wisdom Modifier / 2)
Area of Effect Spells:
  • Data on the AOEs is now stored properly. The spell-ID, DC, metamagic and all other necessary data will be taken properly for each aoe without bugs or glitches from the base game.
  • Each AOE will fire its OnExit even if the creator dies or disconnects.
  • AOEs scripts won't fire if you are not in the same area of the AOE. The AOE will still exist until expired or dispelled.
  • NPCs have many kind of AOEs, and overall, we have reduced effects duration and increased DCs.
  • Each object in the game can keep active 4 AOEs of any kind at once. If a 5th AOE is created, the 1st one still active gets removed.

Chaos Shield On-Hit Property:

Custom list of debuffs (comes from Item Set): 
Ranged debuffs

  • case 1: stunned fort d2 rounds 
  • case 2: 15d6 magical damage 
  • case 3: AB decrease -2 for d4 rounds, cumulable 
  • case 4: blindness for d2 rounds 
Melee debuffs
  • case 1: AC decrease -2 for d4 rounds, cumulable 
  • case 2: knockdown for 1 round 
  • case 3: 15d6 magical damage 
  • case 4: immobilized for d3 rounds + 50% miss chance
Sequencer Robes:
  • Sequencer robes can't store Epic Spells
  • To use a spell from the sequencer robe, your level must be at least the same required for that spell to be fired (i.e. to cast a level 9 spell from a sequencer, you must be at least level 17)

Spell Changes:
Changes to spells can be found at this link