Scrap Forge:
Socketable Gems Reroll:
  • Put 3 Socket Gems inside the forge, not 2 or 4, just 3, or it won't work.
  • Then close the forge, and proceed in the conversation.
  • The forge will generate a Gem that is different from EACH of the 3 gems that you put in before. So you won't receive a duplicate.
Example: If you put a Spot +2, AC +1, Piercing Damage Bonus Gems, you won't receive any of these gem, but you can receive a similar gem like: Listen +2, Enhancement +1, Fire Damage Bonus.

Socketable Items Scrap:
  • Putting any Socketable Item (up to 3 per scrap), will generate 1 random Socketable Gem for each item scrapped. If you put 3 Socketable Items to scrap, you will receive an extra Gem!
NOTE: process is one way only!! There is NO WAY BACK!

Boss Items Scrap:
  • Putting in Boss Items (aka Nordock Items), will generate 3 Boss Token per item (5 Boss Tokens for each weapon, either Ranged or Melee)
  • You can put as many items as you want, there is no limit. Once you'll confirm the forge will generate the tokens directly on you.
  • Scrapping a Vengeful Boss Item will give you 50% more tokens back!
NOTE: any Boss Item inside the forge will be deleted while creating the Tokens, there is no way back!