No Excuses!

Not knowing about these rules is not accepted. The moment you enter the world, you are kindly asked to read the rules and to accept them. 
From that moment on, you are supposed to know EACH single rule listed here. No excuses.

Generic Rules

  • On first login, your Player Name will associated with your CD Keys. After that, if you will try to change it, you'll be automatically booted on next logins. If so, the engine will warn you and will tell you what your player name was, and asks you to change it from the in-game menu.
  • You are supposed to kill the creatures you spawn. You must kill all creatures you spawn that are directly in the main path of that area (in example, on or near a road).
  • Do not log out to prevent death (either while in a PVE or PVP environment).
  • Items dropped on the ground will de-spawn after a few minutes. Player Corpses are NOT affected. Lost items will NOT be replaced, so pay attention.
  • DM's may choose to spawn creatures or make encounters more interesting. They may also choose to reward you with an item or items, this may happen without your knowledge.
  • A DM may also choose to resurrect you or save you from death without XP loss.
  • Do NOT ask a DM for items or gold.
  • Do NOT ask a DM to resurrect you.
  • Do NOT argue with a DM if a decision has been already made.
Naming Rules:
  • Any new made character must respect the following rules at least 3 characters, maximum 32 characters, NO special characters (only numbers and letters), at least 3 letters. No offensive/racist/sexist words (this also applies to the player account name). Only the ()[]-' symbols are allowed.
  • You won't be allowed to create a new character with the same name if another one still exists. Delete the old one before! See Delete a Character.
Bugs and exploits:
  • Do not look or search for bugs.
  • If you happen to find a bug naturally, you must report that asap on the Discord bug-reports official channel.
  • Do not exploit a bug not yet solved.
  • Not reporting a bug is considered as exploiting it.
  • Reporting bugs, when found, is everyone duty to keep this place updated, safe, and fun to play.
  • For high severity bugs, an Admin might decide to reward you for your finding.
  • Breaking any of these rules will result in an immediate permanent ban.
  • Do not ask someone to boost you. Making someone higher level spawn high level creatures for you to kill is considered exploiting and will result in the permanent ban of both of the accounts involved.
Dual boxing:
  • Dual boxing is when the same person players more than 1 account at once. This action is forbidden and punished with the permanent ban of all of the accounts involved!
  • You cannot login into the game with more than 1 account to grant you buffs, resurrection and other in-game advantages.
  • You cannot login into the game with more than 1 account to spawn high level creatures for your other account.
  • You are allowed to login into the game with more than 1 account ONLY to pass items between the two accounts. This action MUST happen in a city OR into a NO-PVP area.
  • This is the ONLY exception so far. Anything else will be punished.
Playing from the same IP address:
  • It is allowed only if the accounts logging in are controlled from different players.
  • One player must control one account only.
How to get support from a staff member:
  • Send a message in the in-game dm-chat channel, and wait for an answer.
  • Alternatively, or if you cannot find in-game support, head over discord, and ask for support on the #general channel.
  • A DM will come to help you soon, so please do not spam or ask for the same thing twice.

PVP Rules

This is a PvP enabled server. To attack OR steal from other players, you have to follow these simple rules:
  • If you OR the other player are inside a NO-PVP area (such as temples), you must interact with the player you want to attack BEFORE leaving it, and you must wait at least 5 minutes before attacking after the interaction is complete. Interacting is meant by RP OR via chat warning AND by setting that player as hostile. In this case, the countdown will start from the moment you have set that target as hostile.
  • If you AND the other player are inside a PVP-Enabled area, attacking is allowed at any time, but you still must interact with the player before attacking. Interacting is meant by RP OR via chat warning AND by setting that player as hostile. In this case, you can attack right after the interaction is complete, and the player is set has hostile.
  • Do NOT attack players directly outside of a safe zone door (NON-PvP area), without respecting the rules above. Ignoring this rule will result in a severe punishment.
  • Do not attack anyone that is not in your PVP Range (You can select to set as hostile only those in your range by using the PVP tool from within your inventory).
  • Do not grief other players.
  • Do not resurrect other players without their consent first. Particularly when not using a Balm on the corpse to resurrection. See Death & Resurrection system for more info.
  • Do not log off immediately after Pick-pocketing. You must give the other player a reasonable amount of time to chase you. Check Pickpocket Rules for more details. Breaking this rule will result in a severe punishment.
  • If you have killed a player following the rules above, you can't PVP interact with him again for the next 12 hours, unless that players starts a PVP interaction with you before that time.
  • Logging out to prevent death is severely forbidden and will result in a very severe punishment.
How to set player/s as hostile:
  • The engine will prevent you from attacking or casting harmful spells against another player if you haven't set that player as hostile.
  • To set a player as hostile, you can either use the in-game players menu, or you can use the PVP Tool in your inventory (recommended).
  • The PVP range restriction does not apply in situations where another player is acting rudely, stealing kills or loot from your dead corpses without asking to join your party, and in the case where the player joined an area where you were already hunting. You must be able to demonstrate this anyway, if asked to.
  • The PVP range restriction does not apply you both you and the target player are fighting in groups and both groups are entirely involved in the PVP interaction.
  • The PVP range restriction does not apply if you have been identified as a thief from several players (you have pick pocketed them), and they ask other players for help.
  • The PVP cooldown of 12 hours against a player you killed and to which you have engaged against does not apply if that player starts another PVP interaction by his will.
What is considered a PVP interaction:
  • Stealing loot from within or from outside of a party.
  • Stealing creature kills from outside of a party.
  • Insulting.
  • Pick Pocketing.
  • Attacking (melee, ranged, spells).
Resolve disputes:
  • If you feel you have an issue with another player please speak with a DM in game or in discord. Take screenshots when appropriate or possible.