PVP Rules

This is a PvP enabled server. Role play is optional, but well rewarded during quests. 
To attack or steal from other players, you have to follow these simple rules:
  • You MUST place other players on DISLIKE in the Players list or by Using the PVP Tool at least 5 MINUTES BEFORE attacking anyone without any prior interactions while you or the other player are inside a NON-PvP area. Do NOT attack players directly outside of a safe zone door (NON-PvP area). Ignoring this rule will result in punishment.
  • Attacking other players is allowed at any time if the map is enabled for PvP, but still, you MUST set that player on DISLIKE before any attack or spell cast, AND you must warn the other player by RP interaction OR by just sending a chat text about what you are going to do. NOTE: the engine will prevent you from attacking or casting harmful spells against another player if you haven't set that player as hostile.
  • Do not attack anyone that is not in your PVP range (check it with PVP tool), exceptions for this are when the lower challenge rating player has started the interaction or when in group PVP that involves a mix of players.
  • Do not grief other players.
  • Do not res other players without their consent first. Particularly when not using a Balm on the corpse to resurrection. See Death & Resurrection system for more info.
  • Do not log off immediately after Pickpocketing. You must give the other player a reasonable amount of time to chase you. Check Pickpocket Rules for more details (this rules are MANDATORY and can't be skipped).
  • If you have killed a player following the rules above, you can't PVP interact with him again for the next 12 hours, unless that players starts a PVP interaction with you before that time.
Note: The level cap for PVP does not apply in situations where another player is acting rudely, stealing kills or loot from your dead corpses without asking to join your party, and in the case where the player joined an area where you were already hunting.

Generic Rules

  • On first login, your Player Name will associated with your CD Keys. After that, if you will try to change it, you'll be automatically booted on next logins.
  • If you spawn it, kill it (do not run past enemies to just get to chests). Do not run past enemies you spawn. Aside from causing server lag, encounters that spawn in most areas scale based on players levels. You may make an area inaccessible to other lower level players.
  • Killing certain NPC's can also shift your alignment to evil.
  • Do not log off to avoid death or attempt to use or find exploits.
  • Don't use a high level character out of party range to get boosted.
  • You are allowed to play with ONE account per time only. Multi-account from the same person played simultaneously are NOT allowed.
  • Items dropped on the ground will despawn after a few minutes. Player Corpses are NOT affected. Lost items will NOT be replaced.
  • If you feel you have an issue with another player please speak with a DM in game or in discord. Take screenshots when appropriate or possible.
  • DM's may choose to spawn creatures or make encounters more interesting. They may also choose to reward you with an item or items, this may happen without your knowledge.
  • A DM may also choose to resurrect you or save you from death without XP loss.
  • Do NOT ask a DM for items or gold.
  • Do NOT ask a DM to resurrect you.
  • Do NOT argue with a DM.

HRC (Hard Core) Ruleset

Persistent World Support
So long as the server remains online, the status that a player leaves the world in is the status the player will return to the world in. So if a player is dying at -5 hp and they quit out of the game, they will return dying at -5 hp.

Character Generation
When a new character enters the game, you are stripped of all items, and given a specific amount of gold. The player character may now purchase basic items from the Newbie Store in the "Gateway of Nordock".

Naming Rules
Any new made character  must respect the following rules: at least 3 characters, maximum 32 characters, NO special characters. No offensive/racist/sexist words (this also applies to the player account name). 
You won't be allowed to create a new character with the same name if another one still exists. Delete the old one before! See Delete a Character.

When using the Healing kits, the Healing serves to stabilize anyone who is bleeding to death, allows the healer to attempt to cure poison or disease (on a successful heal check). Full healing potions are limited to 1 each 9 seconds.
Thieve Skills
Unlocking a Chest and Disarming a Trap give experience, check Thieve Skills for more info and for all the details.

Pickpocket Rules
Pickpocket skill on A Dawn of Heroes has been heavily customized, check Pickpocket Rules for more info.

Monsters and NPC Corpses
When monsters or NPCs die, they leave their corpses behind. Use this to search for loot. If you kill a special Unique Creature, a glowing light will raise from the corpse. (See Unique Spawn System for more Info)

There are no restrictions, you can level up when you get enough experience for the next level. NOTE: You can't store more than ((your LVL + 1) * 1000) experience over the next level acquired. The exceeding amount will be lost. 

Creatures Size:
Size AC Bonus: vanilla
Size AB Bonus: Tiny (-2), Small (-1), Large (+1), Huge (+2)