Useful Info

Persistent World Settings:

  • Difficulty: D&D HardCore Rules (See NWN-Wiki for more info)
  • Ruleset: HRC (Hardcore Ruleset, see Server Rules for more info)
  • Type: Story Lite / Action
  • Level Cap: 40
  • Server Reset: each day at 1pm CET (Central European Time)
  • Merchants Reset: each 8 hours from Server Reset
  • Item Level Restriction: Custom System
  • AFK Check: boot after 30 minutes of inactivity (only in dungeons or test area)
  • Also:

  • Examine Effects on Creatures: Disabled
  • Sticky Combat Modes: Enabled
  • Item Level Restriction: Enabled
  • Enforce Legal Characters: Enabled
  • Show Classes on Player List: Disabled
  • Sneak Attacks on Crit Immune Creatures: Enabled
  • Saves Auto-fail on 1: Disabled
  • NWSync: Required
  • NPCs Despawn System: Enabled
  • Rules & Vanilla Changes
    All you need to know about our server can be found in the links below.

    Full list of Rules in A Dawn of Heroes

    We have a custom Race system which includes free races and premium races

    Full list of Feats Changes

    Full list of Spells Changes

    All you need to know about our custom summon spells

    Changes on Druid, Shifter & Wizard/Sorcerer Shapes

    Check ADOH changes to classes

    Check ADOH changes to Items

    Custom Features
    Click one of the links down below to open its full description.

    A function that allows the player to automatically fill some specific bags on items loot

    Bank System
    Our custom Bank System

    Bindstone System
    An alternate spawn location system

    Boss Items
    End game loot in specific

    Death System
    All you need to know about death in ADOH

    Delete Character
    You can get easily rid of an unwanted character

    Info about our Dungeons & Raids system

    Experience Debit System
    Simple system to avoid level loss on resurrection

    Factions System
    All you need to know about factions in ADOH

    Food System
    All you need to rest ADOH

    Full Healing Potions
    Custom Full Healing potions rule

    ADOH custom Item Level Required System

    Item Sets System
    Item Sets Bonus on ADOH

    Loot System
    Full description of our custom Loot System

    ADOH uses a fully custom system to handle merchants

    We have a completely custom Mount System, which works with unique features and requirements

    Newbies Donation Pool
    A small help give by old players to newbies

    ADOH Party Range System specifics

    Persistent Vault System
    Your Personal Vault, read for more info

    Player Menu
    Your most used function with many options

    Here you find all the quick chat commands available

    You can relevel your character if you find you have done a mistake

    Rest rules for ADOH

    Rod of Fast Casting 
    An useful tool for caster, allows to store buffs and have them quickly applied.

    Socketable Items
    Some of the most rare and powerful items in Nordock

    Special Forges
    Special forges that allow multiple high level actions

    Test Area
    Full details on where to test your builds on ADOH

    ADOH custom PickPocket system and other info

    Token System
    Nordock Custom Currency system used at high levels. Read for more info.

    Unique Spawn System
    Random chance to encounter a "stronger" version of a spawned creature

    World PVP System
    World PVP system & Rewards details