Rest System

Resting in A Dawn of Heroes requires food.
  • You can purchase cooked food from many merchants, or can kill and skin wild animals.
  • To cook some raw meat, use an oil flask on the ground to create a fire, then use the meat on you (if you nearby the fire, the food will get cooked)
Rest Limits:
  • You can rest once each 4 in-game hours (8 real time minutes) ONLY if you have a bedroll (can be purchased from many merchants, if you lose yours).
  • You can rest once each 24 in-game hours (48 real time minutes), if you DON'T have a bedroll with you.
Wandering Creatures:
  • If you rest from outside a safe zone (outside of cities, or into dungeons, or into wild areas, etc), you and your party can be ambushed from local encounters.
  • When this happens, you are warned and suddenly awaken.
  • Resting inside of an inn is allowed at any time (the default cooldown is not applied).
  • To rest inside of an inn, you have to rent a room from the inn master. Once rented, the room will be available to you for 24 in-game hours (48 real time minutes)