Re-level a Character

If you need to relevel your character, you can do that inside the area called Castle Glendario

Castle Glendario can be reached from different places. Each capital for each faction has a portal leading to this area. Another portal is located in Mulrok Village (Get to Mulrok Island first, either by boat or by a portal, if you are an Underdark Faction)
There, a NPC will store the amount of experience desired for you:
  • Stored Experience will persist even after reboots, it is all stored in our SQL DB.
  • When you will ask to have the experience back, you will receive the HALF of what you have deposited.
  • The stored EXP is available ONLY to the character that has stored it, it WON'T work cross character of the same account!
One Time Character Reroll
It is possible to completely relevel a character, by storing up to 780k of its XP to your account XP vault:
  • This action can be done only with 1 character per account, ONCE per account.
  • It will store up to 780k XP from a character. The exceeding XP will be converted in Boss Tokens, at a rate of 50k XP for 1 Boss Token.
  • If you have a custom skin from the skins shop, its cost is refunded.
  • If you have some gold on that character, it will be stored in your account bank.
  • If you have a Premium Race, its cost will be refunded.
  • It will NOT store your items, so be sure to store them into your personal vault before proceeding.