We have a custom Race system which includes both free races and premium races.

General Details:
  • These new races come with PERMANENT abilities stats and attached feats.
  • Some races can have some temporary buffs, triggered during day time or night time, as well as temporary debuffs during day time or night time. Some races might have these buffs and debuffs based on the area in which they are in (i.e. Azer gets buffs while underground, and debuffs while outdoor)
  • Some races might be sensitive to light and so suffer some blindness and other penalties, while other races might suffer from the dark of caverns and low light places in the same way.
  • Undead races will suffer even more on daylight, taking constant damage while they stay outdoor during day time. The longer they stay under the sun and the higher the risk for them to start burning for even more damage taken.
  • Spells like darkness can give some breath from daylight sensibility, as well as light sources can avoid dark sensitive races from taking penalties while in underground areas.
  • New races will be directly bound to a base game race. I.E., Vampire will result as Undeads when checked as target for specific spells or on-hit abilities. Celestial I.E. will result as Outsider, Goblin as Humanod Goblinoid etc.
  • Special races will have some special abilities to use. I.E. Illithid will have a dimensional door, Celestial and Vampire will have the Fly ability, etc.
  • Special races will have some permanent effects applied on them. The effects type and values are based on the race itself. I.E. Goblin will have its movement speed permanently increased by 5% (based on default movement speed)
Class Restrictions:
  • On character creation IF your race requires a specific class you must meet that class requirement for the race to work, otherwise the character race will be wiped at first login. NOTE: some races might even accept more than 1 class as starting class.
Alignment Restrictions:
  • Every time your character shifts alignment, for one reason or another, IF you stop meeting your subrace requirements, your character won't benefit from temporary race bonus and won't be able to use race abilities anymore until the alignment is restored (i.e., no more day/night/area buffs/debuffs).
Day time/area temporary buffs/debuffs:
  • Temporary buffs and debuffs day time/area based will still be a thing but with a few changes: buffs and debuffs will scale with character level without ECL (hit dices). So i.e. if a race grants +5 AC during day, that bonus will be +1 at character level 1, +2 at character level 8 up to +5 at character level 32
Characters coming from the old subrace system (characters made pre 21/11/2021):
  • At your first login in the new patch, your subrace will be stripped, and its cost in tokens (if any), is refunded. You will be able to roam free as long as you want with that character (a journal entry will remember you that your character has no more a subrace). When ready (if ever), you can go to the XP Tower in Mulrok Village, a special option will appear for your character allowing you to store up to 780k XP from that character (the exceeding amount will be refunded in Boss Token, at a very good exchange ratio of 1BT each 20k XP). That XP will be available for any other character you will bring, also, there is no 50% deposit fee for this option. At the moment the XP is deposited, if any custom skin is found, that amount is refunded as well. Be sure you have saved any valuable item and gold in vault and bank, because this function will also DELETE your character permanently. Any other character in the same condition that you will bring to the XP Tower will increase your account wide XP amount. When you withdraw XP with a character, its personal XP vault is taken first, then if depleted, your account wide XP vault will be used.
Free races:

  • Can be picked by anyone at will.
  • No token or gold cost.
Premium races:
  • You will need to purchase that race token or you won't be able to gain XP with that character.  To identify a Premium race, check the spreadsheet below, under the "Premium" column.  (Read more about their cost in Token System).
  • You can create a character with a premium race even if you cannot afford to pay the token required for it, but you won't gain any XP from killing monsters or doing quests (some quest might still reward you, but those will be soon adjusted).
Sizes Changes:
  • Size AC Modifier: Tiny (+2), Small (+1), Large (-1), Huge (-2)
  • Size AB Modifier: Tiny (-2), Small (-1), Large (+1), Huge (+2)
How to select a race:
  • During character creation you will see, during race selection, that many more races than standard are available for you to choose.
  • You won't need to input any kind of Subrace field. Just select the race via character creation, meet its requirements (class e/o alignment restriction, check spreadsheet below), and you will be good to go!
In the link below you can see all race statistics: