Player Menu

Generic Tools:

  • Roll dices
  • Perform Emotes
Party Tools:
  • Look for Party: a script that automatically checks each online player and send a notification to those within range (this check includes SubRace ECL). Different party options are available. Request is also sent on discord.
  • Check Party: for XP eligibility (checks LVL differences between party members and reply if LVL range restriction is met or not).
Player Tools:
  • Check for Dungeons Status: Tells you the full list of dungeons and if that dungeon is busy or in Global Cooldown.
  • Check for Server Reset CD Status: Tells you how many real time hours are left before the next reboot (if a timed reboot is set). 
  • Identify Items: Gives the player the choice to mass ID items using player's lore skill OR by spending 1k gold for each unidentified item.
  • Inventory Reorder:  Automatically reorder your inventory placing items into specific bags that you PREVIOUSLY have renamed, by using the player wand on the bag, and choosing a name from the list prompted. It uses the same logic used for the Autofill Bag System.
  • Port to Player's Default Location: can be used once each 60 real minutes. It ports the player to its saved default location. The player can't be in combat. Player will be ported after 6 seconds (during that time the player won't be able to move).
  • Summon a Player Merchant that can buy/sell items shared within all players (his prices are not good at all, if you want good prices, you should go to a city merchant instead. This is for "emergencies").
  • Summon Player Vault at location.
  • Spell Books Storage: this allows players with magic classes able to cast spells to store up to 5 different spell books. Each spell book can be retrieved at will, but uses of spells will be set to zero when retrieved, so do that only before resting, in case you need to switch from a setup to another, depending on the situation.
  • Show your Socketable Gems balance
  • Redeem Code: used to redeem codes from giveaways, donor events drops, in-game events.
Other Tools:
  • Follow a Target: simply target another player to start following him/her.
  • Ask for a Resurrection: it checks for any online players and send a notification to each of them telling you where your body is. (works only while dead). You can select what kind of resurrection you are looking for. Request is also sent to discord as well.
  • Remove a Custom Skin: it restores your custom appearance if you have purchased a custom skin, and with to switch back. (no tokens refund).
  • Rename a Bag within your inventory: use to any Magic Bag you to change its name. You can also change its name colour. This can help you to better organize your inventory. Renamed Bags are also used for Auto-fill purpose, if you have enabled the Auto-fill bag option (from Player Options
  • Rename Fast Cast Rod: Use on a Fast Cast Rod and then type the new name in chat, TALK volume.
  • Change Player Options: Enable/Disable Helmet Hide Function - Enable/Disable Loot Notification Function - Enable/Disable meat carving from dead animals while skinning - Enable/Disable Autofill Bag System - Enable/Disable Accept 1% Ress Penalty only - Enable/Disable Quest Markers (if you wand more in-game immersion) - Enable/Disable mount with custom appearances.