Persistent Player Vault

Upon login, you will receive the "Vault Key" Rod.
Persistent Vault System description:

  • It will respond ONLY to you, no one else will be able to open it.
  • When you put into the vault an item that is already inside of it (items must be identical for this to apply), the stack of that item inside the vault is increased (so it won't create another item, it will simply increase the stacks of that item inside the vault, this will drastically reduce performance issues for vaults with many items)
  • Items with different stacks won't be stacked, same for items with different plot flag, vengeful properties and so on
  • Items stolen with the PickPocket skill can't be stored until the stolen flag gets removed
  • Sequencer robes are never stacked (you can check spells for each robe by examining the item)
  • It can store an unlimited amount of items (if we notice a performance downside from not having any limit, one will be applied)
  • It can store any kind of item (only a few can't be stored, like player corpses, some plot items, etc.)
  • It is associated with your CDKey and can be loaded from any character you have inside your account.
  • It can't be damaged or destroyed.
  • It has some simple and effective security systems: it will save itself automatically if: you log out without saving it/you get too far/you change area/ you-it get attacked/a module reboot is coming.
  • If you want an item to NEVER stack into another one identical already into the vault (i.e. if you have customised its appearance), you must use the Player Wand on that item, and flag it as "UNIQUE". Until an item is flagged as "UNIQUE", it will never stack on another one identical inside your vault. NOTE: this system will work for players vaults ONLY. If you sell the item to another shop (anyone), if an identical item is already on the store, they will stack.
I always recommend to manually save your chest ASAP after you have used it to minimize risks!
You can't summon your vault while you are polymorphed, and you can't polymorph while your vault is out (simply to reduce CPU load on specific occasions)