Nordock Dungeons & Raids

Once you reach level 15, you are able to access LVL 15+ Nordock Dungeons.

Depending on your build, you might want to adventure in there with a group of other adventurers, since you might have some difficulties alone in the beginning.

Try to fight your way through one of them. Some are thought to be done by a group of adventurers, and some others can be soloed.

LVL 15+ Dungeons - min LVL required (15 - all soloable):

  • Graktan Throne
  • Dread Castle
  • Glonda's Crypt
  • Gorgoroth Cave
  • Grim Gorge

LVL 21+ Dungeons - min LVL required (21 - all soloable):

  • Old Tower
  • Frozen Lair
  • Plaguelands
  • Stonehammer Mines
  • Blackscale Camp
  • Annihilator Hideout
  • Hidden Forest
Final boss and mini boss inside this dungeons will drop Epic Tokens and have chance for some Epic Item.

LVL40+ Dungeons min LVL required (30 - all soloable) :

  • Damned Tower
  • Temple of Death
  • Fury Tower
  • Garled Fist Monastery (SOLO only)
  • Elder Wyrm
  • Temple of the Dead Wyrm God
Mini Boss and final boss inside this dungeons will drop both Boss tokens and have a chance to also drop some Boss items.

LVL40+ Raids min LVL required (35+ - NOT soloable) :

  • Castle Moore
  • Black Deep  (LVL 40 required)
  • Plane of Rage
  • Gurnal City (LVL 40 required)

Main Boss (each RAID has 4 main boss), inside this dungeons will drop a lot of Boss tokens and will drop at 100% chance, 1 Socketable items and 2 Socketable Gems.

The LVL requirement for each dungeon takes into consideration the ELC from any subrace you might have applied.
A Raid requires a party of at least THREE players for the Mini-Boss and Final Boss to spawn.

Party Leader Port:

  • Party leader portal option into dungeons is DISABLED.
  • Dungeons parties will have to gather from outside the dungeon, and then enter all together.
  • IF a player dies inside the dungeon, he MUST be raised from someone inside that dungeon to get back. (Resurrection from Balm without corpse is DISABLED inside dungeons. Read Death & Resurrection system for more info)
Player Cooldown:
Each character can do the same dungeon once each X hours based on the dungeon:
  • LVL 15+ Dungeon: 3 Hours CD
  • LVL 21+ Dungeons: 6 Hours CD
  • LVL 40 Dungeons: 9 Hours CD
  • RAIDS: 12 Hours CD
When you first enter a dungeon, an instance if that dungeon is created (this means different characters/parties can run the same dungeons simultaneously!), and you get bound to that instance.
  • If you try to enter the same dungeon before the CD expires, you won't be allowed to.
  • This CD is applied to each player entering the dungeon.
Use your Player Wand to check your personal Dungeons Status, and see when a dungeon you have completed gets available again.
To know where a Dungeons in inside the world, check our map on homepage!