NOTE: The loot system is being completely reworked. The data below refers to the current loot system, which will change.

Loot System

  • There are two major loot tables (each of them contains multiple micro loot tables as well), players have a chance to generate treasure from both tables on all creatures when looted (loot scripts are fired when you open the dead creature not when it dies). One roll takes place for main loot and one for miscellaneous loot.  
  • Main loot is dropped based on the CR range of the creatures (see current values above for specifics). If successful the player receives 1 piece of loot from the table within the CR range. Main loot is all Armor/weapons/jewellery/clothing/helmets etc.
  • All creatures have the chance to drop miscellaneous loot, if the roll is successful the player can receive anywhere from 1 to 4 items from the misc treasure tables. Miscellaneous loot consists of scrolls/potions/wands/traps/crafting recipes and items etc.

Main loot is dropped based on CR range of the creature.

Players rolls a 100 dice, if successful receive 1 piece of loot from the loot table within the CR range + Random miscellaneous minor loot.

  • CR < 5 = +1 items
  • CR > 5 < 10 = +2 items
  • CR > 10 < 15 = +3 items
  • CR > 15 < 20 = +4 items
  • CR > 20 < 40 =+5 items
  • CR > 40 < 60 = Epic (Exclusive items: Epic items, Skin tokens, Epic tokens)
  • CR 60+ = Boss (Exclusive items: Epic items, Boss items, Boss tokens)

I.E. Creatures up to level 5 will drop +1 items. A creature from level 6 to level 10 will drop +2 items. A creature from 11 to 15 will drop +3, and so on.

Vengeful Items

Each item that can be dropped from a dead creature OR that can be looted from a chest has a small percentage to be VENGEFUL.

  • A vengeful item will be renamed and will look like this: "[VENGEFUL] Item Name".  
  • A vengeful item will have one property improved by a percentage, or can have a completely new property.
  • Boss Gear and Socketable Gear, can be upgraded by placing 2 identical items into a Shrine of Vengeful Power.
  • Socketable Gear won't have any property updated.

Vengeful items will provide an higher set bonus! They can also be mixed up together (even if not from the same "set"), to create an Vengeful basic item set bonus.