Items Set System

Main Set:

  • If you equip a set of 3 (Armor, Neck, Weapon), you receive some buffs in each item.
Off Set:
  • If you equip a set of 3 (Helmet, Cloak, Boots), you receive some buffs in each item.
Special Set:
  • If you equip a set of 3 (Belt, Right Ring, Left Ring), you receive some buffs in each item.
Based on the set you have equipped, it can be either be formed by Boss Items, Vengeful Boss Items, Socketable Items, Vengeful Socketable Items, ATS Craftable Items or a random combination of Vengeful items.

Set bonus applied to weapons:
When the Main Set is equipped, the bonus of that set is applied to a weapon, if any, following this logic:
  • If there is a melee weapon equipped, the bonus is added there
  • If there is a Ranged weapon equipped AND that ranged weapon is supposed to have ammunitions, different bonus are applied on both (weapon and ammunitions)
  • If there is a ranged weapon equipped and that weapon is not supposed to have any ammunition, the bonus is added to the weapon
  • If there is NO weapon equipped at all, and the character has the "Improved unarmed strike" feat, the bonus is added to the bracers/gloves slot, if any
Item set bonus will vary based on the most important class in a character build (Major Class)
  • I.E. a character with 26 Cleric - 4 bard - 10 RRD, will have CLERIC selected as its Major Class for retrieving set bonuses.
  • In case of level equality (I.E. 20 Bard, 20 Pale Master), the prestige class will be taken as Major. In case both classes are base classes, then the "first" one will be taken as Major
Pure classes:
  • A LVL 20 full Fighter (with no other classes), or a LVL 40 full Barbarian, will have an increased version of the bonuses applied from the equipped items set.
  • Prestige Classes are considered Pure if you have 30 levels of that class.
On-hit properties, DC scaling:

  • DC of on-hit item properties will vary based on the number of levels in your major class, higher the levels in the major class, higher the DC. If the class is also pure, a boost in the DC is granted.
  • Minimum DC: 14 at major class level < 16, no pure class boost
  • Maximum DC: 44 at major class level = 40 with pure class boost
Click the button below to check the bonus provided by each set for each "class group"
These bonus are a news and will be adjusted based on community feedbacks.