Factions System

There are 3 main factions in A Dawn of Heroes. Each faction is seen as hostile by any other opposite faction NPCs.
PVP Rules are applied while fighting against opposite factions Players. 
See Server Rules and World PVP for more info.

Main and most populated faction.
  • Most Races are part of the surfacers alliance (many are neutrals and just co-exists with each others).
  • Surfacers will be seen as HOSTILE by any Drows & Humanoids and Undead NPCs. They are neutral toward the Duergar faction.
Drows & Humanoids:
Underdark controllers and most evil faction.
  • Drows & Humanoids will be seen as HOSTILE by Surfacers, Undead and Duergars NPCs.
  • This faction includes all DROWS related Races and HUMANOIDS related Races.
Undead Races are a mix of creatures, awakened from their rest, to bring chaos into the world
  • This faction is hostile to any other faction.
Underground and lone miners, they live deep in the underdark.
  • This faction is hostile towards Drows & Humanoid and Undead. Neutral towards Surfacers.

Check the Races page for more details about our races