A Dawn of Heroes is a place made by d&d AND nwn players, for d&d AND nwn players. We love the d&d world, and we love Neverwinter Nights.

  • Here you will find a nice place where to play, with many activities, event, friendly and helpful players and active staff members.
  • You won't be forced to Role Play, if you don't want to. 
  • You won't be forced to NOT Role Play, if you want to!
  • We are working hard to keep the world updated, interesting, balanced and challengin.
  • Our module is based on Nordock, an incredible world, but very old and poorly optimized.
  • Bringing this marvelous world to the new Enhanced Edition era requires hundreds and hundreds of hours of work.

If you like this place, and you feel like you want to contribute by helping us with server expenses or by giving us something for all the hours we spend in developing it, this is the right place.
Funds raised will be used to pay server hosting, to support some of the working hours required and to promote ADOH to more d&d and nwn appasionates.

Thank you!

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