Death & Resurrection System
Disabled (when you get to 0 HP):
  • When a player takes damage that reduces them to 0 hp, they are DISABLED. While disabled, a player receives an 80% movement penalty, is Slowed, and is Cursed with -5 pts to all stats save constitution and charisma.
Dying (when you get from -1 to -9 HP):
  • Once a round (6 sec) there is a 20% chance that you will STABILIZE. If you do, you stop bleeding, if not, you take 1 point of damage.
  • Once you reach -10 hp, you are dead.
Dead (when you get down to -10 HP):
  • You get one automatic roll to see if your Deity chooses to notice your passing and resurrect you. There is a 10% chance this will happen, +1% each 4 levels. If not, you are off to the Fugue Plane. When you die, your physical Player Corpse is created in the location of your death.
Once on the Fugue Plane, you are able to move, but not attack anyone:
  • You stay here till you decide what kind of Resurrection you want to take (see below for Resurrection Options).
  • You can wait for help to be resurrected or talk to the Guardian.
If you speak with the guardian you will have 2 options:
  • First one, he will return you to life with a soul fragment, this can be removed by paying a fee at the Temple (the same place you will re-spawn). Until the soul fragment is removed, you won't gain XP. 
  • Second one gives you the chance to resurrect yourself losing a lower amount of Exp (see Gold Resurrection description below, but it costs gold. The option won't appear if you don't have enough gold for it).
Clerics with at least 15 class levels, can use Balm of True Resurrection to return players to life:
  • Using it on yourself will give a list of players in the fugue you can choose to resurrect. (disabled inside dungeons)
  • Targeting the Balm directly on the players corpse gives the lowest XP loss.
At lower levels you will most likely be using the guardian to resurrect or the help of Clerics with raise dead/resurrection spells, as the cost of soul removal is much cheaper than a Temple Res (40,000GP) or a Balm (~7,000GP). Until later levels when you have a lot of gold and high XP.
The 40,000gp from the Bishop is taken BEFORE the option to resurrect someone will appear. If no one is in the Fugue you will still lose the gold, you will also lose the Balm.

While you are in the Fugue Plane, back in the real world, your corpse may be dragged by anyone:
  • The weight of the corpse will be the total weight of its owner, inventory included!.
  • When someone picks your corpse, they are saved as "carriers" for that corpse.
  • If you try to use your "Player Wand" (See Player Wand) to ask for a resurrection, if your corpse is being carried by someone, you will be notified.
  • If the carrier is in party with you, you'll get the carrier's name and current area, if not, you will just know that it's being carried.
  • When someone drops your corpse, it reappears where it gets dropped, and its new location is saved.
  • On Server Reset, corpse will reappear where you died, or if got moved by someone, where it was placed last.
  • A player corpse can be acquired by anyone (so even enemy players, in case of PVP!).
  • A corpse is dropped if the carrier logs out, or dies!
  • Only one of your party members can resurrect you, using the Player Corpse or without. So no griefing!
Resurrection Penalties
  • Fugue guardian by talking to the Statue Guardian: 5% exp (then 8% from LVL 16) + Soul Fragment (NO Penalties &/O Soul Fragment at level 1)
  • Gold Option by talking to the Statue Guardian, gold option (you see it only if you have enough gold for it!): 3% exp + 10k +3k gold for each character level.
  • Temple Resurrection by talking to the temple Bishop (a list of Dead Players is shown): 3% exp + 40k gold.
  • Raise Dead Spell on Player Corpse: 4% XP
  • Resurrection Spell on Player Corpse: 3% XP
  • Balm of Resurrection Without Corpse: 3% XP (has to be used on the character performing the resurrection)
  • Balm of Resurrection With Corpse: 1% XP (LVL 15+ Player Cleric required!! Has to be used on the dead corpse on the ground)
  • Using Player Corpse to Temple Cleric Bishop: 1% XP + 80k gold (Available for any class at any level)