Patch Note September 8, 2022

Our rules have been updated, simplified, and have more details in them now.
  • Not knowing rules won't be an excuse. If you play the game, you confirm you have read and accept them.
  • More monitoring tools have been added for us to identify exploiters, dual boxers, etc.
  • Don't mess with us!
  • Cleric: Added Great Charisma as bonus feat
  • Rogue: Added Great Dexterity as bonus feat
  • Rogue: gets +2 DEX and +2 CON if going pure (40 levels of Rogue)
  • Ranger: gets +4 DEX if going pure (40 levels of Ranger)
Tower of power functions have been merged into Castle Glendario. The NPCs in Castle Glendario will now be handling all the functions for tokens, transfers, XP, etc.

This update adds to the module a check OnConnectBefore that checks the version of the client connecting.
  • Only the latest stable versions from all platform will be supported from now on. If you will connect with an out to date client, you will be refused and told to update.
  • Worry not, all platforms are still supported, you are just brought to update your game to the latest version available for that platform, if you try to connect with a release older than the one currently supported by us.
  • Added feat for pure wizards, its just a reminder they have a +3DC if pure
  • Removed high level golems from abiz (their CR was too high compared to the challenge posed)
  • Moved several login checks to event OnConnectBefore, completely forbidding the connection, instead of booting the character logging in if that connection gets flagged as forbidden.
  • It is not possible anymore to use player wand teleport to get out of purgatory (*facepalm*)
  • Teleport functions like Wings and recall wand will now previously check for combat state, death state, area flags, etc.
  • Fixed NPCs killing quest NPCs not giving the kill to master PC (this was happening in those situations where a NPC was there only to help, but was not directly an associate of the player, like while doing final step of Tobaro quest line)
  • Fixed an engine bug that was making items take the class from the last spell natively cast from that character, if any was cast prior using a spell from an item. That was messing up the math of several spells, and could also be abused. Items by default DON'T have any class assigned when they cast a spell.
  • Fixed Spells Restore Potion being drunk even if still on CD. Now the drink action will be forbidden if the potion is still on CD, and a notification will be sent.
  • Fixed Gate spell description