Patch Note September 5, 2019

Patch Note 05/09/2019

Your Player Account Name MUST be associated with your CDKeys. On next login, your current Player Name will be associated to your keys and saved on our database. If you change it, and try to login, you will be booted. I had to do that since the game loses many info saved on character if the Player Name is changed, and due to that many were exploiting it.

Added more security checks for Persistent Vault Chest:
- You can't use the chest in gateway anymore
- You can't use the chest the first 3 minutes after server reset
- You can't use the chest again after you have closed it for the next 2 minutes
- You can't store more than 60 bags inside your chests. If you try to store a chest with more than 60 bags it WON'T get stored!
NOTE: if you logout while you have more than 60 bags in your chest that WON'T be stored either, and will be left where you have summoned that. When you come back, if you do before reset, you'll receive a warning that your chest is out! REMEMBER! while your chest is out, it is not saved! (still it can't be used by anyone but you)
- Fixed a bug with Celestial and Azer stats.
- Updated rules in Journal
- Fixed a bug that would cause the Death System to be exploited
- Fixed a bug used by some players to exploit the Chest System to duplicate items, probably the same players that were causing crashes to exploit this (we'll see). Now, it not only won't work anymore, but if exploited, will delete ALL content from the persistent chest. You are all warned.
NOTE: for the "non exploiters", you all still have to be careful while using the chest, since the chest content IS NOT SAVED while it is outside, and a crash could cause ALL your content to be lost. Use it at your own risk and for a short period time.
- Reworked loot notify mechanics
- Improved save character function and frequency
- Fixed a bug with bank system
- Bedroll should not be created multiple times on rest