Patch Note September 30, 2020

Skills Adjustments:

Disarm Traps, Open Lock and Pickpocket:
  • Vanilla functions restored.
  • Removed the need of thieves tools.
  • Thieves Tools will be converted into the vanilla Thieves Tools
  • Completely reworked to use its default in-game "button"
  • Adoh custom rules are kept, see here.
  • Added theft animation on opponent successful spot
  • Added theft progress bar (3 seconds)
Disarm Traps:
  • Reverted to vanilla
  • Added original tools to the game +1, +3, +6
  • Adjusted Spot Trap CD
  • Adjusted Disarm Trap CD (due to Skill Mastery feat)
  • Traps will give XP on disarm
  • Traps will respawn after their CD
Open Lock:
  • Reverted to its original use. (also skill mastery will work as in vanilla)
  • Slightly adjusted Open Lock CDs (due to Skill Mastery feat)
  • Doors can be re-locked (won't give XP on Unlock)
  • Chests can't be re-locked (will give XP on Unlock)
Dungeons and Raids Check:
  • Dungeons and raids are now listed from low level to raid level while checking for their availability with player wand
Henchmen Improvement:
  • Henchmen statistic, spells and skills improved overall
  • Henchmen basic equipment improved
  • Henchmen left alone for more than 30 minutes will be destroyed to reduce server CPU load
Disarmable Creatures:
  • Creatures with weapons are now able to be disarmed.
  • A disarmed creature, like players, will have its weapon go into inventory instead of on the ground.
  • The creature will be able to re-equip the disarmed weapon

Adoh will now use a custom ILR (needed since there will be many changes on items, mostly on crafting)

Nordock Craft Gear & Weapons:
  • Equippable from character level 30+
Socketable items:
Equippable based on item used slots and on its max slots. For a 6 sockets item, this is the ILR scaling:
  • ILR 1 - if empty
  • ILR 15 - 1 property
  • ILR 20 - 2 properties
  • ILR 25 - 3 properties
  • ILR 30 - 4 properties
  • ILR 35 - 5 properties
  • ILR 40 - 6 properties
Items with different max slots will follow a similar scaling.

Normal Items:
  • Will still use the value scaling system as for wiki
Sequencer Robes:
  • 1 spell: lvl 10
  • 2 spells: lvl 20
  • 3 spells: lvl 30
ATS Crafting Gear & Weapons:
  • will use the value scaling system as for normal items, but with a 2/3 of value decrease (lower level required to equip the items)
Party Range Adjust:

Since some players were abusing the party range scaling rule, a new check has been added to a party when checking if able to gain XP.
  • The difference from the Highest member and the Lowest member (ECL included in the operation), CAN'T be higher than 10. So it means that in a party of 6 formed by 31, 31, 30, 29, 29, 6, while its average range is between -5, the difference from highest member and lowest member is 25, which being higher than 10 makes that party NOT able to gain XP
Loot Adjustments:

Loot into dungeons and raids have been adjusted to separate loot tiers.

  • can now be looted into Solo LVL 40 Dungeons only, and will prepare characters for RAID encounters.
Socketable Items:

  • can now be looted into RAIDS only (also gems will be provided into RAIDS only).
Increased the number of tokens from dead UNI, Boss and from chests. Even if a creature won't provide loot, a defeated boss will always provide tokens.
Due to this change, purchasable Nordock items prices have been slightly increased
  • Normal Ammo and Throwing weapons can now be looted and might roll as vengeful, which will also make them unlimited.
  • Added mass rewards for world boss events!
More Quick-Chat Commands & More:
  • -delete_character: starts conversation to delete the character
  • -lfp: default looking for party invite is sent
  • -lfp_dungeons: dungeon looking for party invite is sent
  • -lfp_level: leveling looking for party invite is sent
  • -lfp_rp: role play looking for party invite is sent
  • -lfr: default looking for ress request is sent
  • -lfr_balms: balms only looking for ress request is sent
  • -lfr_nocorpse: no corpse looking for ress request is sent
  • -lfr_spell: spell / rod looking for ress request is sent
  • -lfr_templenocorpse: temple no corpse looking for ress request is sent
  • -party_check: checks if the party will gain XP
  • -massid_gold: starts inventory mass id, will pay with gold (1k each unidentified item)
  • -massid_skill: starts inventory mass id using character lore skill (gold free)
  • -event_on: when an event is running, this commands joins the character to the event
  • -event_off: to exit from a running event
  • -horse_unstuck: to restore character default appearance in case of visual bug when using a horse. NOTE: DO NOT USE IF NOT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!
  • Added talk CD to avoid chat spam, increased CD for shouts!
Items Adjustments:

Nordock Craft Items Adjustments:
  • Damage dices and properties on Nordock weapons are now aligned and will scale following the same logic for ATS Craft/Socketable weapons.
  • Check Boss Items for more info and fore updated weapon stats.
  • Added Nordock Craft Sickle to loot table
  • Added Nordock Craft Light Tower Shield to Nordock Merchant
  • Removed KD Immunity from Nordock Craft Dodge Helmet.
  • Added Discipline + 10 instead.
Socketable Items Adjustments:
  • Adjusted Sockets on Weapons, see here for more details.
ATS Crafting Items:
  • Adjusted ALL items available, check here for the updated list with the new properties.
  • Max Main Skill set to 425 (up from 400). This to allow end game items to be easier to craft
  • Ironwood now respawns and has more spawn points than before
  • All modified items will be replaced first player login and once you open the persistent chest for the first time. NOTE: ATS Bags WILL NOT be replaced.
  • Mulrok Village Trade Hall: has been temporarily disabled due to a massive rework incoming
  • ATS Set System: has been temporarily disabled due to a massive rework incoming
General Items Adjustments:
  • Quarterstaff is now a monk weapon (not finessable, STR based)
Sequencer Robes Adjustments:
  • Epic spells are not allowed into Sequencer Robes
  • Minimum level requirement to cast spells from sequencer has been added (i.e., to cast a stored spell of innate level 9, a level 17 character is required)
Huge Size Appearances Adjustment:
  • Skins (both from subraces or purchased appearances), higher than Normal Size won't be able to equip shield + two handed weapon IF the base STR value (so without any bonus), is lower than DEX base value.
Damage Reductions Adjustments:
  • Adjusted Dungeons/Raids Boss damage reductions and main Summons damage reductions
  • Adjusted Celestial/Vampire cold/electrical damage reductions (from damage reduction to damage immunity in %)
Feats Adjustments

Blinding Speed Rework:
  • +1 attacks per round
  • +4 Dodge AC
  • Not Dispellable
  • Duration: 1 round each 2 character levels
Dwarven defender damage reduction: 
  • 6/- at level 6 instead of 3/-, up to 24/- at DD level 30
Quivering Palm: 
  • base dc increased at 13 (from 10)
Devastating Critical:
  • Base proc chance buffed form 45% to 50%
  • Boss proc chance buffed from 30% to 40%
Overwhelming Critical:
  • Buffed from 1d6 base damage added at each critical strike to 2d6 base damage
HIPS Cooldown:
  • Set a CD on of 12 seconds on HIPS
  • Doing this will allow us to remove true sight from raid boss, and will improve the PVP experience overall
  • A good balance between HIPS cd and creatures stop/listen values will be the key.
  • More adjustments will follow
Disarm and Knockdown CD:
  • Added a CD to Disarm and Knockdown use, main reason for this is to make PVP and PVE more competent.
  • As for now, everyone can spam Disarm and Knockdown with each attack, leaving very a few chances for the opponent to survive.
  • Thanks to this, we will be able to remove KD immunity from common items.
  • Knockdown immunity will still be available from some craftable items, set bonus, and a few more droppable items.
  • Dragons ability to mass knockdown with wings is also subject to the same PVE CD
  • Disarm: 3 seconds
  • KD: 6 seconds
  • Disarm: 6 seconds
  • KD: 12 seconds
Bane of Enemies:
  • AB bonus against favored enemies +3 (up from +2)
  • Damage bonus against favored enemies 3d6 (up from 2d6)
Spells Adjustments:

Sorcerer / Wizard Damage Shields Rebalance:

Since boss damage reduction is mostly based on damage shields, I am now rebalancing magic shields so we can have a more use of elemental damage overall, and also to have more viable weapons.
  • Death Armor: 1d6 + 1 each 2 caster levels - Magic Damage
  • Elemental Shield: 1d8 + 1 each 2 caster levels - Fire damage + 50% Fire & Cold Immunity
  • Mestil's Shield: 1d12 + 1 each 2 caster levels - Acid damage + 50% Acid Immunity
Blade Thirst:
  • If on Ranger: +1 to AB and Sonic Damage each 5 levels, up to +8 at Ranger level 40.
  • If on Others: +1 to Enhancement/Attack Bonus to equipped weapon each 4 levels, max +6 at Ranger level 24.
  • Spell duration increased to 1 turn (up from 2 rounds)
  • De-socket anvil wont trap an item anymore if loaded from vault chest
  • De-socket anvil duplication item under a specific circumstance has been solved
  • Disarm feat from green whip won't be removable anymore
  • Terrifying rage aura is not applied two times to same character if another is already up
  • Fixed mad monk conversation in GFM
  • Fixed variables not saving on persistent chests
  • Fixed Shifted characters not being saved OnClientLeave
  • Fixed Blackjaw not equipping items OnSpawn
  • Fixed Dead Wyrm God Dungeon return transition to port outside of dungeon, not inside
  • Fixed Spell Resistance Gems duplication
  • Fixed Players sending hooks to discord with DebugMode 1
  • Fixed Dye Kits removing local variables from dyed items
  • Fixed Pickpocketing system that was able to steal creature items from shifted creatures
  • Fixed Restoration spells removing some shapes or Barbarian Rage effects
  • Fixed Player Corpses from being sellable to merchants
Other Minor Changes:
  • Removed Useless bags from fugue
  • Reworked no magic flag for Gateway, fugue, arena during PVP events, GFM wisdom path
  • Removed Greater Katana of Dragons recipe
  • Removed broken book quest from Benzor to Tobaro (when there will be a quest system, this and other quests will be added)
  • Leveling while shifted is now prevented
  • Moved persistent chest checks into HB script on chest
  • Testing a new function to prevent the Persistent Chest conversation lock
  • Slightly adjusted creature skills overall
  • Player associates (summons, henchman), are now ported with the player when the player gets ported to a place to another in the same area
  • Rewrote NPCs corpses system (lighter)
  • Boosted Captain Tucker (and he can't be possessed anymore)
  • Added Intimidate skill to all animal companions and familiars
  • Deleting a character now also deletes its TURD data
  • Improved Current Subrace System Performances Overall
  • Lair of the Archer is now an indoor area for underdark characters
  • Bloodwood is now an indoor area for underdark characters
  • Moonglow Epic Guard can't be possessed anymore
  • Underdark Epic Guards can't be possessed anymore
  • Hive Mother beetles now provide loot
  • Server-messages added to Discord which will contain Server Reboot messages
  • Added many more logs for GMs and Developers
  • Improved Players Death Corpses