Patch Note September 29, 2019

Major Change to FULL Heal Potions

From now on you will be able to use a Full Heal Potion only once each 1.5 rounds. (this change affects FULL HEAL potions only, not minor ones and not any other potion).

This has been made to improve party play on raids, where a healer will be needed, and to prevent some specific builds to be able to solo raids just by spamming heal pots.

The "mechanic", and delay might be adjusted over time to find the best balance.

Solo dungeons will still be soloable. They might require some more smart play instead of just rush into it and spam pots when necessary, but you'll be fine.

Raids will be more difficult and will require more party play and more coordination. We'll see how this goes.



- CR60+ creatures are now ALWAYS bigger than default creatures

- Reworked UNI system (improved, centralized)

- Fixed bug with death system that was making a player to not be send to Fugue Plane on death (but only on relog with area death state check)

- Reworked Saurog Boss Room and increased Loot (more to come)

- Reworked Moore Boss Room (more to come)

- Added security checks to Dead Wyrm God mini-dungeon

- Fixed Vampire SR on relog

- Increased ALL raids rewards

- Completely reworked dungeon/raid security checks

- Heavily decreased ALL creatures saves overall

- You can now run spells while under the "Bigby Grasping" or "Bigby Crushing" immobilize effect.