Patch Note September 1st 2019

Patch Note 01/09/2019

Hey there foks! This patch brings in many many changes and adjustments over the world. Trying to better support the recent population increase with more stability, more QoL and more balance over classes items and races!
This patch partially reworks factions, there will be more to come!

I am also happy and proud to announce that our website it now online! You can reach it at
Some pages are still to be completed, and there will be much more to come in the next days!

As it often happens with a patch of this size, somethings might be buggy or not working properly, let me know and i'll take care of it!

Here is the full list of changes:

- Delete Character Chat Command: Now, you can delete you character just by typing "-delete_character" on chat (talk volume only, no quotes), then a conversation appears and you can confirm or abort. You don't need to be in gateway anymore (NPC on gateway and test area will stay there as well)
- Added Free Skin Shop in testing area: It requires no token, just talk to the NPC you want to take the appearance from, and you are done. If you want to come back to your original Skin, just talk with a trainer.
- Added Training Grounds in Testing area: enter the training grounds and talk to the Summoning Orb, select a creature to spawn.. and face it! you can abort the fight by exiting the area or by using the "lever" aside the Summoning Orb.
- Added Nordock Craft Items in TEST area.
- Added Poors Donations Pool in surfacers temples: newbies can now take a daily donation from any good temple (surfacers only, drows don't really care if you are poor, you are just another soldier!). When server comes up, the box will contain just a small donation, then the amount will increase each time someone puts gold in it. Each eligible player can have 1/10 of the content as donation. Check the quote from time to time, it will increase with donations.
- Added Desocketable Anvil in Castle Gledario: it allows anyone to remove an undesired property from a socketed item (read the forge description carefully!)
- Added Green Items Scrap function to the Forge in Castle Gledario: it allows you to scrap an undesired Green Item for a random Gem. 1 Item for 1 Gem, max 3 items per time (if you put 3 items, you receive an extra gem). Read forge description carefully!
- Added Nordock Items as a purchase option in Castle Gledario: Nordock Craft Heavy Boots and Nordock Craft Holy Bracers.
- Added Green Items to loot table: Leather Armor, Padded Armor, Scale Armor, Sling, Trident.
- Added Naming Rules on first character login: from now on, to avoid bad behaviors from server vault, all new characters will have to respect the following naming rules (at least 3 letters, no special characters). Bad named characters will be booted and deleted automatically!
- Completely reworked bindstone system: won't work with an item anymore, instead it stores a variable on the dabase about the area you have chosen. If you had one bindstone, just get rid of it, and go the desired place to save it with the new system. Bindstones can be found in the following cities / places:
Brosna City
Black Hills Village
Underdark - Central
Underdark - Loknar
Abiz - Hebdezi Town
Trondor Village
Moonglow Village
City of Blades (Duergar City)
Fakualt City
Mulrok Village
Assaulted Island
Chaulssin City
- Custom Skin Remove Option: You can not indipendently remove a custom skin if desired (no refund!), you find the option in your player wand.
- Rest Improvement: Interrupting a rest won't trigger the Rest CD anymore, you can start to rest just after that.
- Special Subrace abilitieson day/night/area, if triggered during sleep, won't wake up the character anymore
- Reworked PVP tool and PVP rewards:See below.
- Hide Helmet Option: Added Option in Player wand to have any equipped helmet set as "invisible" (if you activate this [disabled by default], just unequip and re-equip your current helmet to have it hidden once you have activated the funcion)

- Improved Disarmed weapon return function: should be more responsive and will work better in case of death on a disarm blow.
- Improved Ranger Tracking Tool: check it out.
- Improved Paladin Detect Evil Tool:(now finds also undead players)
- Improved Paladin Bound of Courage Tool:(now duration scales with Paladin's level, from lvl 20 gives +6 vs fear save, from lvl 30 gives immunity to fear)
- Fixed tons of NPCs factions over major cities
- Added Trash Bins in main temples
- Improved Merchants reset script: can be fired by a DM anytime if needed.
- Improved Subrace System Heartbeat check: merged many functions into one, uses far less resources than before.
- Improved death script: dead corpses should now spawn properly. Resolved some bugs over resurrections. If for some reason the saved death location area is not valid, corpse will be created randomly near a specific place (each faction have his own)
- Fixed a Bug that was causing persistent chests to be deleted while into a Purchased House
- Fixed Orc and Hobgoblin subrace token request checking for boss tokens instead of epic tokens (the actual payment was done correctly though)
- Improved Hurl Rock for Hill Giant Subrace (better damage scaling with PC level)
- Improved Soul Fragment System: not appearing anymore in a new made character if an old one with the same name was deleted and it had the Soul Fragment on it
- Storable EXP on lvl up raised to 5000 (up from 1000). Its the amount of experience that you can store while you have a level up ready. If you store more than 5000, you'll loose the exceding amount on level up.
- Performance Improvements: Drastically reduced the amount of NPCs that can cast persistent AOE effects, this should improve clients performances.
- Improved many DM tools and optimized tons of existing scripts and functions (there is still much to do, but this is the right direction)
- Unique System Improvement: unique creatures will also be bigger (size is random, you might face a giant UNI dragon!)
- Brosna Epic Zone pillar and PoR entrance pillar are now undestructible
- Reworked Plane of Rage - Artery area. Also modified Danava boss to avoid visual bug
- Modified Rune of Golden Wing, check it out to see where you can port.
- Reworked Looking for Party tool (should work better)
- Benzor Flats: orc cave untargettable web fixed
- Increased Buy Prices in Mulrok Trading Hall (you can sell at a higher price your items!)
- Fixed some items not appearing as sample in Mulrok Trading Hall
- Added Tailor desk and trainer in Underdark - Central & Chaulssin city core
- Added Miniboss to Elder Wyrm Dungeon
- Changed some skin token costs in Skin Token Shop
- Tons of Text improvements and fixes
- Many other changes/fix here and there that i might have forgot (lol)

- Crafting Skills have been moved to another container: On login all your crafting skills will be moved to a different container, and won't be saved on the character itself anymore. Used to solve situational bugs.
- Reworked Wyrm God Avatar boss and area
- Adjusted and partially reworked Shandaular Raid Boss
- Chaos Shield: Reduced proc chances to 5% (like doing a 20 with dice)
- Divine Wrath: now lasts as Divine Shield/Might (1.5x charisma bonus)
- Guardian Ress: Takes 5% Exp from lvl 1 to lvl 15 (included), then 8%
- Rogues/Stealth "Boost": Many creatures have been adjusted to better support Rogues and stealth in general (remember: you still have to heavily invest in hide+move silently!), also, added many chests here and there in dungeons, that only rogues can unlock.
- Heavily modified a lot of high lvl creatures to allow more class builds (Rogues and stealth builds generally are now more playable)
- Adjusted the following Subraces:
Lich: damage immunity reduced at 25%, ECL reduced at 3
Vampire: damage immmunity reduced at 10%
Celestial: damage immunity reduced at 10%
Azer: Will spawn in Underdark, with Duergars and Deep Dwarves. Added Bonus on night/day in underground area: 4str 4 cos 2 wis, 5ab 5ac. Cost increased to 18 Boss Tokens.

Modified the following Nordock Craft Items:
All Nordock Ranged Weapons: can now generate Nordock Ammo, 3 times x day (unsellable and undroppable ammo)
Nordock Craft Fighter Ring: removed improved evasion, discipline bonus set to +10, regeneration set to +4, universal saves set to +2
Nordock Craft Druid Ring: animal empaty & concentration set to +10
Nordock Craft Holy Cloack: regeneration set to +4, universal saves set to +3
Nordock Craft Wise Amulet: regeneration set to +2
Nordock Craft Holy Ring: removed freedom, replace with cast spell 3 x day (Freedom)
Nordock Craft Dodge Helmet: removed poison immunity, spot bonus set to +10
Nordock Craft Strong and Swift Belt: removed freedom, replace with cast spell 3 x day (Freedom), regeneration bonus set to +4
Nordock Craft Protection Cloack: removed freedom, added reflex save +4, universal saves set to +2

Factions Adjustments:
- On death, all reputations will reset. NOTE: You still have to wait AT LEAST 3 minutes to get back to an NPC that was attacking you. (if you still see enemies NPCs or NPCs's summons after respawn, just walk away for some minutes).
- PVP Tool: changed so you can set as hostile "in-range" opposite races, or all players from the opposite races. (range is calculated following the same logic for party EXP between 2 or more characters)
- PVP Rewards changed: pvp rewards have been completely changed, each reward is now based on range between killer and killed, or between party of killers and killed.
- PVP Free Death: Will make killed player respawn with no penalties in the temple, if killed by an out of range killer or from an out of range party of killers, or if the killed had an EXP Debit already.
- Bond of valor is not given any longer by Galdor upon completing the main quest
- Completing the main quest won't make you neutral to all factions anymore. There are more and different features yet to come for factions.