Patch Note September 10, 2019

Completely reworked the Return Weapon on Disarm function. This is still a test and might be subject of changes in the near future.
Please Note: If you try to drop a weapon while or just after a combat, you won't be able to, since it will be still considered as disarmed. If you need to drop a weapon, disengage and wait a few seconds. If you get killed by the disarm blow the weapon should be returned as well.

- Fixed Nordock Wise Amulet and Nordock Protection Cloak not giving the proper set bonus
- Fixed Devastating Critical Bug (cause of most server crashes!)
- Automatic loaded arrows will now re-apply set bonus
- Modified Black Deep Void 3 Boss Room
- Using LFP (Looking for Party) tool will also shout in chat Player's Info (Name, Level [with ECL[), In-Range players will still be notified with Floating String and server message.
- Fixed Tiefling Subrace Token not being recognized
- Fixed Plague Bringer loot deleted if shapeshifted
- Removed trap from standard Plague Bringer loot chest (throne still has it)
- Fixed Trident not being identified as melee weapon
- Removed unwanted Improved Power Attack feat from most evocations
- Added Nordok Craft Swift Ring (See website)
- Fixed Elder Wyrm quest (Reward items have been recreated, added set bonus if wearing Armor+Helmet+Shield)

I am also making up a quick guide on how to the Open Lock, Disarm Traps and PickPocket system works. Will be available on the website by tomorrow.