Patch Note October 6, 2020

Items Dropped OnPlayerDeath, OnPlayerLeave:
  • ALL Player Corpses carried by a player are dropped if the Carrier dies OR leaves the server
  • ALL Pickpocketed items (from players), are dropped if the Carrier dies
  • NPCs without gold now have a chanse to have some (happens during the Pickpocket attempt only)
  • NPCs who get a thief stealing from them will now turn hostile and attack
  • Increased number of pickpocket attempts against same player (from 3 to 6)
Persistent Dungeons CD:
  • Dungeons CD now persist through reboots/crashes. Saved per character (not account).
  • Future adjustments will come (i am not putting too much time into this since i hope, at some point, to dig into instancing)
  • Slightly adjusted druid companions (rebalanced final stats a little bit)
  • Slightly adjusted BG Ancient and Epic Vrock (deal more damage, makes some more sense) Note: you will still need to buff them to power them up even more. Also, it is still not meant to do the job for you, it will be a support, nothing more.
  • FIxed Party Check tool, reporting GOOD even when it wasn't
  • Adjusted bartering preventing characters from being saved
  • Fixed Henchman despawning too fast
  • Shadow Evade no longer stacks
  • Epic Giant Demon won't drop its boots anymore
  • Testing a new fix for Entangle effects reducing character DEX to 3 permanently (relog was required to fix)
  • Testing a new fix for "Character has left the party" server crash event
  • Testing another check on death aura for undead shape
  • Removed Tradeskill Journal item, function available from the Player Wand
  • Added logs for bigby hands (save throw style) 
  • Shifting now merges immunities from set bonus (full rework still to do)
  • It is not possible anymore to shift while under disabling effects (dev crit, bigby, etc)
  • Added floating string on PCs when looting empty corpses
  • Persistent Chests can't be targeted with spells anymore