Patch Note October 5, 2022

The vault system has been completely reworked. It will work in a far more advanced and smarter way. 
  • It will update instantly the quantity of an item, without the need to change page if you add/remove an item already on the vault.
  • No more lag caused by large vaults. Each vault can load a max of 15 items per server "tick".
  • No more limits on the amount of items you can store (careful, the bigger the vault, the more time it will take to load when summoned!)
A new cold based class, with new unique abilities and custom mechanics!
Check here to know more!

Goodbye old migration system. With the new vault also comes a new migration system that allows us to migrate any changes to items before you even login. 
  • That means that all server vault characters and all the players vaults will be updated BEFORE a patch is pushed, all at once.
  • This should drastically reduce errors with migrations and items changes, and will allow us to keep all characters updated at the same time, even those not logging in since months or more.
The Player Wand is.. GONE! Long live the new "Player Menu".
The PVP Tool is.. GONE! Its functions have been reworked and included inside of the Player Menu.
The Vault Wand is.. guess what!, and is now included inside of the Player Menu.
  • The player wand has been replaced by the "Player menu", which is an ability you can find on the radial menu, under the first class abilities.
  • It will still work as a conversation.
  • All the functions requiring you to target "something" will now put you on "targeting mode", so you can select the target for your action directly with that, without the need to close-reopen the conversation.
  • Most of the player menu functions have been completely reworked, check them out!
  • The "Tokens Transfer" function is now NUI based, you will input the amount to transfer in a NUI window.
  • The Rename Fast Cast Rod function is now NUI based, you will input the new name in a NUI window.
Naming rule has been updated, and will work as follows:
  • At least 3 characters, max 32 characters.
  • At least 3 letters in a name.
  • Only a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and ()[]-' symbols are allowed. 
  • This rule apply to new characters, and to any other object you can rename (like the Fast Cast Rod), if future more renaming options might come.
  • You can set a target as hostile via player in-game menu, or via the "Player Menu" function conversation.
  • When you set someone hostile, you are set as hostile as well automatically.
  • You or your target CANNOT set each other back to neutral for the next 60 seconds. 
  • There is no CD to set someone as hostile, which can be done at will.
  • You cannot set someone a hostile if you or your target is inside of a NO-PVP zone.
  • Setting someone back to neutral makes both sides to be considered as neutral.
  • Of course, all PVP rules still apply.
Rhonnie's great Arena has been completely reworked!
  • It now contains up to 4 different fighting pits.
  • Each pit has its own respawn point, based on which side you use to enter the pit.
  • Each pit has a "White" and "Red" entrance. You will respawn at the respawn point of your entrance, for that pit.
  • The arena has been reworked with PVP tournaments in mind, and is fully compatible with the new tournament systems (more to come!)
  • Dying outside of an arena pit i still possible, in that case you will respawn at the generic arena respawn point. (we might make PVP possible only in the pits in future, we shall see)
  • Fixed Pickpocket being possible against creatures by only investing 1 point in the skill
  • Fixed Event Team system respawn not returning proper team ID
  • Fixed item quip CD setting the CD flag even if still on CD (what a trip)
  • Fixed Monstrous Regeneration spell applying without a duration limit
  • Fixed remaining Golem spawns in Abiz areas
  • Fixed Tobaro interior book quest being inaccessible to some skins
  • Fixed Food being removed even with the unique item "Grandma Pie" on the inventory
  • Mulrok NPCs are now static (not from encounters)
  • Removed most of Mulrok Island militia NPCs
  • It is not possible to attack plot objects anymore
  • It is not possible to "hide" while in combat without the HIPS feat
  • Closed bank in Moonglow (will reopen when the city will be reworked)
  • Tools such as Ranger Tracker, Paladin Band of Courage and others, have been removed from the game
  • Pick Pocket uses per day now scales with PP skill following this formula: 3 + (1 each 10 pure pp points)
  • Added many new effects we will start to use with new classes, mechanics, spells, etc