Patch Note October 20, 2019

New Features:

Naming Check: Added function on first character login that stores character name into our DB. This way, you are not allowed to create another character with the same name if you haven't deleted the first one before that. This, to avoid characters overwrite and other exploit options.

Socketable Ammunitions: Added into loot table. You will loot "green" ammunitions like any other green item.Socket a gem into the ammo, then equip it. When the last ammo in the stack is used, a copy of the ammunition is instantly created AND equipped. 

NOTE: i have tested it myself and looks fully working, bust still, i suggest to try it with just 1/2 gems socketed. If after a while it is still working fine, then add more gems!

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to select a "visual" effect for the ammunitions. The "colour" of the throwing ammo is taken by the game engine from the FIRST damage source that is socketed. Keep that in mind.



- Food Rations added to Salty Dog Tavern

- Use Poison Feat Duration Doubled

- You now gain Experience on successfully Disarmed Traps and Open Locks

- Character is now saved on successful LVL UP

- Fixed Petrify Change made some patch ago not being applied properly

- Fixed Factions not being properly reapplied after a soft reboot

- Fixed not being ported to fugue under certain conditions on death event

- Fixed low lvl creatures using inflict wounds against undead players

- Created new DM Event System - will be tested soon!

- Fixed Abiz Wyrm God Temple Pillar being always skipped

- Fixed Persistent Chest not talking after being spawned (still being tested)

- Added concentration gems to loot table

- Added 2 more mini-boss into TOD dungeon

- Improved Castle Moore 1st Boss

- Fixed many socketable gems being applied to the wrong items even if the bonus was not showing, but still decreasing the slot into the items