Patch Note October 16, 2020

  • Fixed some animal companions dropping their weapons when killed/despawning
  • Exceptionally shadow double-sword now has keen
  • Fixed Cohort despawning right after purchasing
  • Fixed some Balors not using default Death Script
  • Fixed Pickpocket allowing to steal items and gold from party associates
  • Fixed Vampiric Regeneration gems on gloves (gloves can't have vamp regen, so a proper message is now fired)
  • Unique Summons are disabled in Arena areas unless there is a PVP event going on
  • Stealth CD is now active only for characters with HIPS
  • Reworked Balor Death Explosion
  • Improved Players Death Corpses system (overall)
  • Player Corpses can now be moved by players ONLY
  • Dice rolls now appears in logs window too (to avoid any kind of exploit)