Patch Note November 29, 2020

  • A new vault system has been created.
  • It will be a store like vault, following the same logic of the Trade Hall
  • For more info, check the Persistent Vault Page
This should solve all these issues:
  • Factions mess in major cities
  • Not being able to load the vault while with an henchman or with an epic summon
  • Not being able to talk with the vault under some circumstances
  • Some crashes (server side), related to factions IDs not corresponding
  • PickPocket skill checks between thief and its target has been reviewed since so far it was possible to steal an item from almost anyone, even with a low amount of points invested into PickPocket, even if caught. 
  • Also, there were only a few factors to influence the final DC.
  • For more info, check the PickPocket Page
  • So far a player could fire 4 AOEs, and then had to wait for one to fade, or had to manually dispel one to be able to cast another.
  • This has been reworked so each object in the game (including traps, NPCs, etc), can keep a maximum of 4 AOEs up at same time. When a 5th if fired, the 1st available gets removed, and so on.
  • The polymorph system has been adjusted to address the recent issues with immunities and set bonus merging.
  • I haven't tested it deeply personally, so give it a try and let us know if something has to be tuned.
  • Fixed Exceptionally Crafted Mithral Large Shield having STR bonus instead of DEX
  • Fixed an issue with death corpses not dropping the carried variable when a player was logging out and back in after having dropped a corpse