Patch Note November 16, 2022

  • A massive database migration has been performed while applying this patch.
  • You won't notice differences in-game, all will look the same from your side.
  • This change will help us a lot in future developments.
  • Deleted several old flags from ALL your items (both vault and in all your characters), this should help with some items not merging in the vault sometimes.
  • Purple items statistics have been updated. If you have some, check them out!
  • Old Brilliant items with wrong names (gray names), have been replaced.
  • Adjusted Tribeslayer bracers (less physical resistance and less penalties)
  • Slightly reduced size of all Colossal creatures (125% default size, down from 150%).
  • Reduced Elder Wyrm size.
  • Adjusted some other creatures sizes.
  • Slightly reduced Colossal dragon AB and AC (-2).
  • Darts are now considered tiny weapons.
  • Added more security checks for characters logging in the server for the first time.
  • Pushed the old subraces rework migration script to all remaining characters that did not have it applied yet (characters not logging in since the patch was introduced)
  • Adjusted Hellball range and delay to better match VFX (new range 32 meters for shockwave, 30 meters for the fire storm)
  • Reduced ultravision uses on some creatures
  • Added new Brilliant drops to Master Kwai and Elder Wyrm
  • PVP Target option from Player menu now also works when targeting a player associate.
  • Removed follow target function from Player menu (Bioware shall be burned!)
  • Trying a fix for Darkness black effect not being removed in some occasions.
  • Fixed an issue where, if a player was to loot a chest marked to not spawn loot if that specific loot is already on players inventory, the chest was going in CD even if nothing was spawned for that player.
  • Fixed Player Menu conversation loading even if another conversation was up, causing the object conversator not to interact with players anymore.
  • Fixed Gnarled Fist Monastery - Halls of Testing not removing the NoQuipFlag from players when leaving the area by exiting the game while inside, or when kicked for inactivity.
  • Trying a fix for some weird problems with mounts tails and polymorph.
  • Fixed Blackscale Chief spawning in ambushes by mistake.
  • Fixed being possible to log out at -10 (when dying in fugue disabled areas), and come back in at full HPs.
  • Fixed a case where module reboot could fire all in a few seconds.
  • Fixed AOE attached to objects being lost when moving.
  • Fixed PickPocket not properly checking unidentified items.
  • Fixed Lord Valdamir not dropping his purple item.