Patch Note November 15, 2019

- Skills on Spawn: Testing a new function to set creature skills on Spawn, based on the creature CR.

- Knock Spell: It unlocks doors and placeables with unlock DC LESS than 20 (so, not magical ones). You will need thieves tools for higher DC
- Adjusted knockdown immunity on many creatures
- Unique Creatures have a chance to get more attacks!
- Slightly increased penna goblins CR and so, they rewards
- Added Sign on fugue during Free Ress Events!
- Implemented a PVP Tournament System that any DM can activate when needed
- Reworked Boss AOE debuffs during boss fights into POR and BD
- Creatures marked as "BOSS" will now spawn a light on their death corpses, like for UNIs
- Aura of blinding: max debuff duration 5 rounds
- Added Socketable Throwing Weapons to Loot Table: Shurikens, Darts, Throwing Axes
- You can now socket different gems into melee weapons: like Ability Bonus, AC Bonus, Spell Slots, etc..

- Completely rewritten Ress System and Dead Corpse System. We can now have special events in many different ways, and can change / adapt / add features very easily!
- Henchmen Death. Your henchmen will get up by itself a maximum of 3 times when its HP go down 0. After the 3rd time, it will stay dead on the ground. It WON'T generate a Death Corpse any longer. You can use ANY Ress method on its corpse to have it back to life again. Its inventory WON'T be lost.
If you make it rest, its deaths counter will reset.
- Completely rewritten SubRace Token System for premium subraces. Old tokens will be converted automatically on login


- Beginner's Builds Page
- Light Sensitive Page
- Improved Subrace Pages
- Fixed some bad text here and there