Patch Note November 10, 2020

Finally, the Trade Hall has been reworked and is now back into activity!
  • It now works as a normal shop (no more crowded conversations)
  • Items sold will "stack" up automatically on the same item (there won't be 10 "Iron Shields" i.e., but 1 Iron Shield, named like "(10) Iron Shields"), and each purchase/selling will decrease/increase its stacks automatically.
  • The shop can keep up to 100 stacks of the same item. When you sell an item that already has 100 stacks, its selling price is reduced by 25%.
  • Each account can sell a maximum of 1M gold each day. Purchasing from the shop reduces that amount, allowing you to sell more.
  • The shop persists through reboots/crashes/etc.
  • The shop prices are NOT subject to the character appraise skill
  • Shop prices can be adjusted by developers without resetting the shop, but still since this is a super fresh addition, we won't assure the shop won't be reset a few times until it is considered 100% working and stable
You all know there have been huge issues with factions lately. The issue is partially unknown.
Sadly Nordock is very big and very old, and many things are still to be optimized and reviewed.
I have removed a lot of FactionChange function from useless scripts where i could found them, so the issue might be partially (hopefully totally), solved now. More adjustments will come if needed.

Adjusted the AFK check to work as follows:
  • Boots only characters that went AFK into an instanced area
  • Drops Death Corpses and Stolen Items from characters that went AFK into NO-PVP areas
  • Re-enabled stolen items merchant
  • Added another stolen items merchant (find him :D)
  • Temple of Death final treasure (boss throne), was not giving out Boss Loot
  • Fixed a few leftover issues with instanced dungeons