Patch Note November 04, 2019

- Uni Summons: Summoned creatures can now be UNIQUE and can have some unique buffs on spawn. (During "increased UNI change events", Summons Uni chance will be increased too!)
- Saves on Spawn: Testing a new system that Automatically Sets Saves on the Spawning creature based on its CR and UNI status.
- New Loot Chest System: Testing a completely new Chest System which replaces ANY other chest script loot:
  • During Module Load, ALL chests inside the module will be checked. Some of them can get randomly trapped and/or randomly locked. Disable Trap/Unlock DCs will be based on the treasure level of the chest.
  • Trapped Chests will have the trap recreated when the chest will be available after CD.
  • Locked Chests will relock when the chest will be available after CD.
  • A DM can change treasure value of a chest easily

NOTE: THIS FUNCTIONS ARE INTO BETA TESTING, this means, that things WILL BE adjusted. So expect saves to be adjusted and chest functions to vary/change etc.

- Naming Rule: Added a limit to 32 characters into name (maximum secure amount so far)

- Reworked Ress Functions (script side, no changes on penalties)
- Reworked XP Debt Functions (script side, no changes on player side)
- Reworked MOST Dungeon Creatures Skins and Damage Reductions
- Reworked MOST Creatures BASE Saves (so i can better adjust them with the already shown new "Saves on Spawn" function.

- Increased Fade Time for Boss corpses
- Stored XP Bank amount is now deleted when deleting a character
- Level 21+ boss are now bigger
- Player Merchant disabled in fugue plane
- Improved Delete Character script
- Added Reboot notification to all players at 2H and 1H before the real reboot
- Slightly increased disarm traps distance with Thieves Tools
- Modified bloodwood crypt entrance
- Adjusted Wildman Lodge Portal Function
- Improved EXP gained on successfull UnLock and successful Disable Trap
- Fixed GFM Final Boss not spawning.
- Fixed GFM Final Boss helper not spawning.

NOTE: some of these functions couldn't be tested, so we will all be testing them live, there might be some close updates to fix some unwanted bug coming with the patch.