Patch Note May 3, 2022

A new one-time-character-full-reroll option has been introduced and completely automated in the game.
  • You can reroll up to 1 character in your account using this option.
Check here to learn more!


The weekly Happy Hour event has now been completely automated.
  • There will 2 events during each Sunday of each week.
  • The first event will start at 9am CET, the second at 9PM CET.
  • Each event will last 60 minutes.
  • You will (should) receive announcements on the #events channel on our discord server when an event begins/ends.
  • Fixed monk set bonus granting Attack Bonus and not Enhancement to gloves
  • Fixed AOEs not disappearing when the creator dies or disconnects (some mobs still create AOEs when they die, in that case the AOE will persist for its duration and will be active!)
  • Applied a workaround for the Unlimited Feats Use issue (you now have 99 uses per day of those feats)
  • Fixed Bloodwood lever - door (now for real)
  • Fixed an issue with HPs on logout while dying and on next login
  • Fixed Horizkauls Boom’s applying Deaf and not a Stun effect
  • Nerfed ALL aura spells damage (required from the resistances nerf from last patch)
  • Nerfed ALL NPCs pulse attacks (required from the resistances nerf from last patch)
  • Adjusted Arcanist item set bonus to grant Reduced Spell Failure to shield instead of the Chest