Patch Note May 29, 2020

  • All shapes now merge ALL items (Gloves are merged instead of Weapon if there isn't a weapon equipped)
  • AC is still applied only ONCE from the highest AC bonus found into one of the equipped items.
  • Characters are now exported by the server even while shifted, bonus are reapplied instantly.
NOTE that this is a test! There will be quick changes if i see this making Druids/Shifters too strong.

  • Slightly nerfed a few druid companions (adjusted sneak attack dices and attacks per round)
  • Rest blind effect duration now scales with rest duration
  • Rest blind effect can't be dispelled/removed prior time anymore (still removed if rest is canceled)
  • Has been disabled server side due to an important bug.
  • If Beamdog will ever expose counterspell functions, then we'll be able to place a fix and re-enable it.
  • I have filed a bug to Beamdog support site, we'll see.
  • Updated PVP rules!
  • PVP Tool can now be used directly on another character (can't be in same party), to set it as hostile instantly. If used again on an already hostile character, its set back to neutral.
  • Fixed temporary buffs from being removed prior time or not being reapplied after a resurrection.
  • Fixed subrace skins being removed when deleveling from lvl 40 to lvl 39
  • From 25/5/2020, Nordock Items are being replaced for all (this because some old characters still had very old Nordocks). Replaced items are now flagged with Nordock generation version, to avoid future problems like this.
  • Use your Player Wand to rename your Fast Cast Rod into anything you want (speak the string on chat, TALK volume).
  • You can have multiple rods for like yourself, pets, etc. A FULL rod rework (to include Metamagic and Cleric Domain Spells), is on the way!
  • Players can now Export Character manually to local vault only ONCE per reset, not possible while polymorphed.
  • Removed Hell Wurm Guardian key from Plane of Rage first level, added a few Epic Tokens instead.
  • Fixed a bug OnPlayerDeath that was preventing to get the real object who killed the player (also preventing Free Ress from out of range PVP from being applied).
  • Fixed Beholder petrify effect being permanent (aligned now with other petrify effects).
  • Fixed Creature Saves not being resized properly OnSpawn.
  • Spellcraft skill on Creatures is now resized OnSpawn.
  • Added more DM tools for events.
  • Slightly increased Dev Crit chances against Boss Creatures.