Patch Note May 2, 2023

  • Death aura: if a creature with "death aura" is dominated, the aura behaves differently for the duration of the domination (paralysis is applied instead of instant death).
  • Inns System: once a room ticket is purchased you can rest in the same inn for the next 24 in-game hours (48 real minutes)
  • Slightly reduced Black Deep Hydrosys boss size
  • Slightly moved Black Deep Hydrosys reset triggers
  • Replaced an old Gith Armor with new version, and migrated existing ones
  • Replaced Pendant of the Elf with custom version, and replaced existing ones
  • Slightly increased Angel of Death (pure Pale Master summon), HPs and Skills
  • Restored spell-ability Death Aura to Epic Dire Wolf
  • Replaced AGILE "vengeful" set bonus on-hit "Daze" effect with on-hit "Stun" effect
  • Reduced "Recall to city" function from Player Menu to 60 minutes (down from 120 minutes)
  • Fixed Looking for party options not working properly
  • Fixed Looking for resurrection options not working properly
  • Fixed automatic ammunition reload triggering equip-CD security limit
  • Fixed not being able to cast healing spells to undead associates
  • Fixed Sunday 9am Happy Hour event not triggering properly
  • Fixed an old issue with Socketable Gems not showing up properly
  • Fixed Ultravision not being applicable to fast cast rod stations
  • Fixed DM avatars and DM possessed creatures not being able to cast hostile spells at other players
  • Fixed weather system reducing fog clip distance each time a "bad" weather type was called after another