Patch Note March 9, 2022

This patch brings in some adjustments, fixes, more quest options, Unique items, Trade Hall adjustments and more!

Introduced the following new quest mechanics:
  • Kill "n" of those monsters quest mechanic
  • Speak quest line with possible steps between different NPCs
  • "Go there - check - and report" quest mechanic
Also, added the chance to create quest chains, with quests not being available until another quest is completed, or the opposite, have a quest unavailable if another one has been completed instead.

The Trade Hall economic has been adjusted since we had the feeling it was not behaving as expected, specifically with the amount of items being stored on it constantly increasing, not supporting the demand from players.
These are the changes:
  • Max stack amount an item can reach set to 75 (down from 100), if you try to sell an item that got already 75 stacks, you get less money as it was before.
  • Increased buy prices by 10% (buy prices from the store)
  • Instead of having a 15% supply burned each 7 days, now the store will burn 4% of its supply each day (so 28% per week)
IMPORTANT NOTE: These adjustments are "tests" to see how the market, crafters and players react to such changes, and these value can vary in a short period if we don't see significant improvements.

This patch introduces a new endgame item category - UNIQUE!
  • Unique items are special armor and weapons, that have very good stats and unique properties, which cannot be obtained via SOCKETABLE gear.
  • Unique items have their name in purple and count as VENGEFUL SOCKETABLE for the set bonus.
  • These new items can be obtained by defeating new EPIC BOSSES.
  • Epic bosses are extremely powerful and can only be found in secret areas (mostly located in dungeons and raids).
Note that UNIQUE items don't drop 100% of the time, so it may take multiple tries to get one.

DPS dummies in test area have been reworked, and will now properly report data of the fight:
  • Total damage done (reported at each hit, and once the HP pool of the dummy is depleted)
  • Damage per second (properly calculated now, reported when fight ends)
  • Damage per round (might be useful for statistics, reported when fight ends)
  • Seconds needed to take down the HP pool of the dummy (reported when fight ends)
  • Adjusted level difference check when casting buffs on other players, it should now work properly checking caster against target, and not caster's party against target (which could be a player inside that same party)
  • Levers system now supports multiple objects per lever
  • Improved Mulrok Tradeskill and Tower of Power visual
  • Added save check for "Bolt - Death", NPC ability only
  • Hellfire Aura (races ability), now triggers Heartbeat check only (removed the check each time an enemy was entering in the aura range, since it could be "abused", by simply moving in/out of NPCs). We will check if that is also necessary for other races auras.
  • Added new ways for builders to assign a specific set bonus to an item, even if that item is not part of that original set bonus family
  • Added the chance to have items drop with a % defined by us from creatures (an introduction to new loot system)
  • Fixed TOD non lootable coffin
  • Fixed several broken appearances animation (there are still some broken, will be addressed soon)
  • Added Skin Token prices to those appearances missing one
  • Added new VFX for melee weapons
  • Finally fixed (for real this time), placeables respawn system