Patch Note March 9, 2020


  • New BOSS RAGE mechanic (works on Valdamir Fortress final boss only for now)
  • Dragon Boss won’t flight anymore
  • Some RAID bosses now bypass x/+7 damage reduction
  • New custom mechanics for Valdamir Fortress (testing to implement even more later to all the other dungeons/raids)
  • Elder Wyrm Tokens Reward slightly reduced
  • Testing a new function (Valdamir Fortress only): keys are not required to open dungeon door. Doors will open automatically when its linked boss is killed.

Added the following dungeons:

  • LVL 15+: Dread Castle (Reworked Dread Castle)
  • LVL 21+: BlackScale Camp (Reworked Lizards Camp)
  • LVL 40+: Fury Tower (Reworked Fury Fortress)
  • RAID: Valdamir Fortress (New added)
    NOTE: This RAID will be the hardest and most challenging. Also, the most rewarding. I highly suggest to bring in 4 or even more expert players for the first times.


  • Improved Moonglow areas with some lvl 35+ hunting places
  • Almost completely rebuild Gurnal Island with many lvl 35+ hunting areas, a lvl 40+ Dungeon, and a new RAID
  • Reworked Lake Kabu
  • Small Adjustments to some other areas


  • Adjusted Figher and Diviner Set Bonus (nerfed AC. ONLY for NON-PURE Combos)
  • Adjusted Vengeful chances
  • Petrification Gaze now checks for Shifter Levels 
  • Delayed Blast Fireball, Chain Lightning and Horrid Wilting: damage cap removed. Damage scales with caster level up to level 40.
  • Implosion: instant death effect removed. If target fails the save, its current hit points are set to 1d4 instantly.

Adjusted XP Rates:

  • Slightly reduced main XP factor
  • Slightly increased solo XP factor
  • Adjusted the number of party members necessary to CAP the XP Party Bonus


  • Disarm/Unlock with thieve Tool XP now reduces XP Debt
  • It is now possible to disarm traps during combat (10% more difficult, 10% more XP rewarded)
  • Traps on ground (triggers), now re-spawns
  • Added traps all around the module
  • Skill Mastery Feat: allows you to always get at least 10 on Disarm Traps and Open Locks rolls while using the Thief Tools.


  • Added Many Ores/Plants/Trees into Gurnal Island areas
  • Increased Drop rates and crafting rates (should be easier to lvl up a skill, and faster to farm materials and craft items)


  • DM reward functions added for events
  • DM Advanced tools for quests / events added
  • Added Unban Function for DMs


  • Fixed DM XP Factor tool
  • Fixed Unlimited Hostile Balor spam
  • Fixed Unharmed disarm not returning weapon to the owner
  • Saves have been fixed (last adjustment broke some of them)
  • Fixed an issue in the AI that was blocking a creature after having killed a character
  • Adjusted some NPCs factions (this should hopefully solve having hostile city NPCs)
  • Testing a fix for NPCs randomly getting stuck following characters with HIPS even if properly hidden


  • It is not possible to customize character’s tail anymore
  • Subraces hide replace system rewrote (faster, bug free)
  • Rewrote Loot Table engine (far faster)
  • Removed random task system (was taking too many resources. Will be rewrote with the quest system later)