Patch Note March 21, 2022

  • All AOE with an effect triggering during the "entering" of a creature has been adjusted to trigger the effect only once each "n" seconds, thus preventing the mechanic abuse to walk in/out of a creature to have the effect applied all the times at spam.
  • Some creature can now leave an AOE when killed (like those stinking beetles). Such creatures will be kept in the world for the duration of the AOE (even if you loot them, and the loot corpse disappears. That is required to have the AOE to be able to apply effects on the creatures in the area). The corpse will be removed from the game when the AOE expires/is dispelled or when the corpse CD expires.
  • All dungeons mini boss and final boss have had their HPs adjusted, and most of their healing potions/spells removed.
  • This was made to have the boss at a higher HP pool by default, without the need for it to heal all the times, thus wasting a lot of "fight time", and risking to encounter AI bugs.
  • This change should increase the challenge of a fight, since there will be less "dead moments". Almost all boss still have 1 heal potion, that can be stolen with a rogue.
  • Final raid boss may have an additional heal potion that cannot be stolen, required to reach the HPs pool we desire for them.
  • Pick-Pocketing while with XP debt is not forbidden anymore while done against a NPC. Still blocked against other PCs.
  • Adjusted Tenser Shape scaling. Now requires All 3 Spell Focus feats to work properly.
  • Adjusted Boss Rage mechanic to work with new HP pools
  • Reworked transition scripts, and merged all into 1 single script. We now have far more customization ways and possibilities.
  • Added short sword variants of all dagger ATS tools for large skins
  • Fixed several new appearance animations, VFX slots etc (still some missing, will be addressed in next patches)
  • Fixed Unique Monsters System that was making Raid Boss spawn as dead because the UNI buff was taking the total boss HP overt the small integer limit.
  • Fixed creatures in test area/arena leaving drop