Patch Note March 14, 2021


A Dawn of Heroes uses the following system to handle any merchant in the world:
  • Each merchant in the world will stack identical items within its shop (i.e., if you try to sell an Armor of Red Dragon, and the shop already has one with identical properties, the item will stack on the one already existing on the store, instead of creating a new item and so occupy space, increase store pages, and so server load)
  • Items flagged as Infinite (so those items you can buy at will), are flagged with the prefix (**)
  • Items not infinite or sold by players are flagged with the prefix of the custom stack of that item (n), where "n" is the number of stacks of that item inside that store. The colour of the (n), will vary based on the "n" value
I tested what i could myself and with the support of some QMs. But still, this kind of implementations will require deeper and higher use from you all to see if there is still something wrong with it. So be aware we reserve the chance to restore the world previous to this patch in case anything goes wrong.

  • If you want an item to NEVER stack into another one identical already into the vault (i.e. if you have customized its appearance), you must use the Player Wand on that item, and flag it as "UNIQUE". Until an item is flagged as "UNIQUE", it will never stack on another one identical inside your vault. 
  • NOTE: this system will work for players vaults ONLY. If you sell the item to another shop (anyone), if an identical item is already on the store, they will stack.
  • Fixed UMD issues with previous patch
  • Fixed Alignment Change conversation issue with previous patch
  • Moved Helix spawn point
  • Fixed Mass Heal description not showing up