Patch Note March 02, 2021

  • Increased Master Kwai boss tokens drop
  • Added an unique item lootable in gnarled fist monastery ONLY
  • Reworked Damned Tower 1st Area
  • Reworked GUNDAR fighting ground
  • Reworked Tokens conversation and added more options
  • Reworked Food conversation and added more options
  • Saves for creatures are now adjusted based on their race.
  • Saves are further improved if the creature is a BOSS or UNI (or both)
  • Saves are further adjusted if that creature spawns inside a dungeon, based on the dungeon level
  • Equipping ATS Craft items now gives set bonus properties.
  • The bonus for ATS items will be the same as for normal vengeful items. Pure bonus is achieved with Exceptionally crafted items OR with pure classes as well.
UMD for scrolls adjustments:
  • If you have at least 1 level in bard/wizard/sorcerer you always skip the UMD check
  • If you have the spell memorized you always skip the UMD check
  • If the scroll hasn't any use limitation, the UMD check is skipped
  • If you are none of the above, and don't have any points in UMD, then you won't be allowed to use that scroll at all
  • Resting while shifted is now forbidden
  • Resting into INNS will always restore full HPs
  • Resting in the wilds aside of a campfire will always restore full HPs
  • Added and currently testing a new very cool events system for ADOH
  • This system will allow QMs to assign teams and run specific events
  • This system will allow QMs to turn on/off specific spells/items during events
  • Player Corpses and Players stolen items are dropped on dungeon entrance prior entering (to avoid abuses)
  • Reworked Galdor Portal at the end of wings quest
  • Switched Agile boots/helmet set bonus
  • Increased Danava Boss Tokens loot
  • Increased Epic Fey Mystic and Epic Druid Giant CR
  • Added Missing Gems to Test Area
  • Adjusted appearances space/personal size: it should improve movement
  • Testing a workaround for summons going mad when being damaged by an AOE
  • Player Merchant is not a summon anymore. Will vanish in 2 minutes unless unsummoned manually from its conversation
  • Fixed item set system sometimes returning the wrong class in case of class equities
  • Fixed basic balor summon leaving loot on the ground OnDeath
  • Fixed Tenser Transformation losing polymorph effects when losing temporary hit points
  • Fixed Lesser Bronze Belt wrong statistics
  • Fixed Find Traps in-game description
  • Fixed Fighter set bonus on helmet giving Will instead of Fortitude