Patch Note June 18, 2021

The persistent vault has been a success since its introduction, but based on recent reports, it is one of the biggest cause of lag spikes during busy hours when multiple players use it at the same time.

We did not put any limits in the beginning because we wanted to see how it would perform even if anyone was allowed to potentially store an "infinite" amount of items inside of it.

We are now working towards some huge performance improvements, and this system is part of it.

Limits will be based on the number of unique items per store page section, as follows:
  • Armor & Clothes: 250 unique items
  • Weapons: 300 unique items
  • Potions & Scrolls: 600 unique items
  • Wands & Jewelries: 600 unique items
  • Miscellaneous: 250 unique items
With "unique" we mean single items. So if you stack 10 identical items (like, 10 x Full Plates), that will count as 1.

  • It will ALWAYS be possible to save the vault, even if already over limit.
  • Each time your vault is called, you will be notified of the current status of each section.
  • If you try to store an item into a section that is already over the limit, you won't be allowed until you reduce the amount of unique items in that section.
  • These limits are a first attempt to balance things out, and will be adjusted if/when needed.
In the future we will introduce players persistent houses, a guilds system, and a persistent mounts system. Each one of these systems will have its own persistent vault storage. So limits won't be a problem for long!