Patch Note June 17, 2022

Tired of having 1.000.000 gems on your vault taking up tons of space and being a big mess to sort?
Tired of spending hours socketing items around gem by gem?

Well, you get the point. Here we have a new Socket UI system.

  • From your next login, all your gems will be removed from your inventories, and will be added to your account-wide database.
  • Use any socketable item to load the new socket interface. There you will be able to see what gems you currently have that can be socketed on that item. 
  • Use the +/- button for each gem to add/remove it from the item.. and thats it! Easy peasy new way to handle socketable items.
  • You can also see all your gems from any character in your account, and can materialize them into an item, if you need to trade it!
For all details about how this new system works, check the official website page!

The great northern port city of Tobaro was always a place of political intrigue and lucrative trade, but cataclysmic wakes of chaos now plague its surrounding lands! Mysterious creatures have appeared around (and even below) the city... creatures bent on naught but destruction and woe. The city has all but closed its gates to all, and port trade has been grinded to a halt as the Tobarans engage their defenses and fend off the evils.

Now, rumor has it that rifts have been spotted in the surrounding wilds. Could this evil have been brought here by someone or something? How, and why? Questions only the bravest troupe of adventurers may answer as they dare to shade the doorstep of Tobaro...

Embark on the biggest questline in Nordock yet as you traverse the coastal city of Tobaro and its surrounding countryside! Almost 20 new quests and many new ghastly creatures come to ADOH in this daring new setting, but adventurers beware! The evil plaguing Tobaro will not easily be vanquished!

Important Details:
  • New types of quests await, including scouting, kill count and conversational goals!
  • Some of such quests will require you to find the next lead in your investigations. In such cases, remember to talk to the people of the city. There are often helpful tidbits to be found.
  • The previous important waypoints of Tobaro are maintained (such as the Undercaves where an important Wings item is found). HOWEVER, they are incorporated into a new, and very different setting! You will have to learn your way from scratch.
  • As a side note for this: the entire area is made to be safe to lowbie toons IF they know their way, so it is advised that you explore first with a more powerful toon before attempting to find your way!
  • The city itself, as well as surrounding countryside, is completely safe for lower lvls, as all spawns are tied to holding the correct quests.
  • The sewers are a somewhat exception to this, so beware!
The quests of Tobaro officially open up starting at ECL 25+. HOWEVER, it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that only veteran players that are well-outfitted attempt the area at this range. Others are suggested to wait to 30+ and to party up for a better chance of success. XP gain in the area will be decent all the way to lvl 40.

We are glad to announce a brand new mounts system!

  • The vanilla mounts system has been completely removed and written from zero.
  • The new mounts can be acquired from in-game stables spread around the world, events, donations and loot!
  • Each mount will have its own speed modifier, and some of them might even increase your AC and/or AB while mounted.
  • While mounted, you will suffer some penalties to skills and spell failure, that can be reduced by specifically building your character for it.
To se how the mounts system work in details, check the website page!

Gate summons have been changed:
  • Balor summons no longer waste their time with spells, and now get right to the carnage. Also, they have been somewhat improved offensively
  • Solars have been added as Gate variants for those bearing the Good alignment. These outsiders are powerful divine casters, but also bolster a tough melee offensive. They possess somewhat less melee power than their Balor counterparts
  • Evil characters will keep summoning a Balor (and they will still need to protect against it too!)
  • Good characters will summon Solars instead
  • Neutral characters will have a 50% change to summon one or the other!
Death domain Summon Negative Avatar have been completely revisited:
  • They now bring forth the Death Shade, a powerful being of the Shadowfell.
  • The primary strength of this summon comes from its longevity (high concealment, regeneration), but still packs a punch.
  • Necromancy spell focus is used instead of Conjuration to determine high lvl scale ups of this summon, ending with the ultimate Death Shroud at lvl 40 pure cleric with Necro ESF.
Other shadow summons (including SD summons and the shadows that come from Shadow Conjuration/Shades spells have been buffed up (the latter may get improved versions on top of these for arcanes bearing illusion focus, but that will be at a later date)

To better understand the specific changes, head to the TEST area and take a look for yourself! (NOTE: there will likely be many changes in the near future for balance to these new summons as they begin to be implemented into the server. If you have specific input along these lines, feel free to post them in the Suggestions channel on Discord.)

To check on the details, head to the summons website page.

Added 4 new legendary weapons that can drop with very low % from RAID Boss creatures only (not their chests, but the corpses!)
  • Each weapon corresponds to the weapon the raid boss is wielding (so you might find a Trident, a Bastard Sword, a Heavy Flail or Gauntlet pair (pseudo claws))
  • Those weapons will count as Socketable Vengeful when considered for the Items Set Bonus.
Also, added 14 more legendary gear items, which will have a low chance to drop from events during the 20th NWN Anniversary, this Saturday! No more spoilers..

  • The quest system markers are now applied to any kind of quest (kill, kill sequence, scout, destroy object, etc).
  • For kill quests, each placeable/creature involved will be marked so you will know what to destroy/kill
  • For scout quests, each placeable will be marked
  • For speak-to quest, the next NPC you will have to talk to will be marked above head
You can still disable such markers, if you feel they are ruining your immersion, from your player wand!

Implemented a new weather system that adjusts weather in all Nordock external areas.
  • The system will check for weather changes twice per in-game day.
  • The system weather chances will be based on the current real world season we are in (European seasons), so expect a lot of sunny days for months like June, July and August, and a lot of snow/rain for November, December, January, etc!
  • The system does not affect any game play aspect, for now it is just a visual/immersion improvement.
  • Replaced rain model, this one should be easier to render and nicer to look at.
  • Also added several other weather types (like meteor storms!), to use for events only.
A new auto-reboot system has been added. Regardless of what happens to the game, the server will allways reboot at 1pm CET if it wasn't restarted in the previous 12 hours.

  • Improved conversation system with player corpses, and while pick-pocketing (conversation is now native private, instead of a work around used previously)
  • Whip base damage increased to 1d6
  • Priestess of the Wyrm, spell reset counter increased (takes more time for her to reset spells)
  • Priestess of the Wyrm, AC reduced
  • Compleely reworked all placeable-spawn-creature-when-player-is-nearvy status, and set them to respawn (yes now gargoyles will respawn too!)
  • Completely reworked vanilla trapdoors. Now using a custom system which uses far less CPU power
  • Abiz Master's Amulet can now be dropped
  • Reduced dynamite craft cost
  • Removed old storage area from Mulrok
  • Added drown immunity to end game boss creatures
  • Fixed "accept balms only" option from player wand preventing self resurrection from the Fugue Plane
  • Fixed Looking for Party tool not making the character shout in a specific case
  • Fixed Sangrolu resetting his spells each 60 seconds
  • Fixed Blackrook bookshelf permanent lock
  • Fixed Ambush system also looking into quest encounters
  • Fixed Dominated monsters being unable to cast spells
  • Fixed a rare chance to get into other players vault
  • Fixed earth domain, lvl 3 spell is now Stoneskin
  • Fixed Tyrant Fog targeting issue
  • Fixed Keen spell not being applied on gloves
  • Fixed Darkfire scaling issue
  • Fixed some AOE spells not triggering OnExit event in some cases
  • Fixed levers system not working properly in some cases