Patch Note July 9, 2022

We are still investigating the ongoing lag on the server:
  • Some actions have been already taken, and several heavy functions have now been lightened.
  • There is still an undergoing issue with the persistent vault load and save, which will require much more time to be solved. 
Because of this, we are applying a new limit on where the persistent vault can be used.

From this update (and until we find a solution):
  • The persistent vault can be loaded into NO-PVP areas only (most temples are). 
  • Any use of the vault outside of NO-PVP areas won't be allowed.
This should reduce the number of runs-per-reset of the vault system, which will reduce the delay in milliseconds that each of you has to face, each time a vault is loaded (nwn server is single core, everything happens one-after-another).
This is a temporary solution, which will be solved with a rework of the system behind the persistent vault.

Thank you for your understanding!

  • Adjusted Shapechange shapes, normal and pure stats
  • Doors meant to lock at boss spawn, now have 1 minute CD before locking
  • Improved several functions in terms of performance and load spread
  • Added donors drop redeem UI in Player Wand
  • Reduced Castle Glendario space, united all conversations in 1 NPC only
  • Fixed Mind Blast Shifter DC
  • Fixed Old Tower Underground chest not unlocking at boss death
  • Fixed dungeon doors not unlocking if the mini boss is killed within 1 minute of its spawn
  • Fixed Dramadon's tower being able to teleport inside of other players instances
  • Fixed GNF Master Trainer not using its mechanic
  • Fixed an issue with socket gems
  • Fixed Fury Tower final step not unlocking
  • Fixed an issue with quests system arrays
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some NPCs from spawning properly