Patch Note July 3, 2022

Tobaro Dramadon's tower has finally been enabled! You will be able to complete last part of Tobaro's quest line! No spoilers, enjoy!

  • Fixed Counterspell combat mode being able to work on some specific cases.
  • Fixed Thundering Rage applying 2 times on-hit-blind.
  • Finally fixed encounters spawning the "wrong" creature based on the level of the player/party approaching.
  • Fixed torches being considered as shield when wielded in off-hand, thus getting the shield AC item set bonus.
  • Applies several fixes and security checks to Mounts System, to prevent weird behaviors on some cases. 
  • Fixed being able to use mounts in no-mount areas.
  • Fixed mounts not checking for level requirement before allowing a mount to be loaded.
  • Fixed Massive Critical gems not being able to be applied for more than 1d6 on any Socketable. weapon. Simply load/close the socketing menu for those weapons now to have them fixed.
  • Fixed Spell Resistance not being able to reach more than 32 on a Socketable item (new max is 42).
  • Fixed some summoned Lich having spell failure.
  • Fixed dot spells applying the first "tick", even if the spell was resisted or the save was passed.
  • Fixed transition check for Dead Wyrm God pillar having wrong reference (now the pillar must be destroyed to enter the dungeon).
  • Fixed some areas sharing the same tag, thus messing with the corpses system (some "old" corpses might still lead to the wrong locations, but new ones will be ok from now on).
  • Adjusted Shield spell scaling.
  • Boss creatures are now immune to "Control Undead" spell.
  • Adjusted Legendary Super Chicken AC and HPs.
  • Added Fast Cast Rods to Assaulted Island bishop temple store.
  • Migrated dungeons to a new system (this won't be very noticed by you, but took quite some time)
  • Several spells for weapon buffing have now been enabled to be cast on the fast cast rod (like Flame weapon, Dark fire, GMW, etc).
  • Nerfed Tobaro BB Chanter's AC.
  • Fury tower now allows party members to port in boss room even when the fight has already started (they cannot leave 'till boss is alive though).