Patch Note July 16, 2021

Hello folks! This is the list of changes and upgrades for this small patch. Multiple developers have worked at it, and the adjustments made by each of them is listed below.


  • Reworked stonehammer store (it now has items made specifically to fight against orcs)
  • Reworked several creature appearances, voicesets, weapons, races, feats, etc
  • Added Nordock Craft Thug Ring
  • Added Nordock Craft Hunter Ring
  • Added several unique items as rewards for events!
General Jerk:
  • Redesigned some areas north of Trondor (Bria's Fay and Halfling Wood)
  • Revamping of some of the creatures/encounters East of Benzor to make for better leveling
  • More NPCs and Quests in both Bria's Fay and Eastern March with unique rewards!
  • Fixed Valdamir Abominations shifting to Tenser Transformation and stop fighting
  • Fixed Thundering Rage adding on-hit Wounding instead of Stun if the character has no weapons and wears gloves
  • Removed monk requirement for gloves set bonus. Improved unarmed strike is required instead
  • Updated server to 8193.29: which means that a day zero crash when polymorphing should now be solved and that finally the AOE bug should be gone as well (let me know!)