Patch Note January 30, 2020

  • Fixed Mass Heal Script (small chance to be buggy on certain circumstances)
  • Improved Heal and Harm Script (rewritten, less recalls and shorter)
  • Fixed True See Script: added ultravision, fixed See Invisibility event fired instead of true see
  • Fixed Devastating Critical script bug that was allowing an immunity from the effect if the first save was passed
  • Dragons under 20% health won't fly anymore due to the wounds they suffer (they will fly again if healed)
  • Fixed Majestic Balor name
  • Fixed Goblin-B missing conversation in Skin Shop and Test Area
  • Fixed Pocketable Throwing weapons stacking set bonus properties on stack reload
  • Fixed Shadow Conjuration: Magic Armor stacking dodge AC on subsequent casts
  • Fixed De-Socket anvil allowing another character to grab a BOUND item not possessed originally from that character
  • Fixed Subraces AB day/night/area bonus bugging the character sheet and not allowing to see any other AB buff after the subraces AB buff fires.
  • Fixed Death Corpses not respawning into the last death location after server reset (problem was with some areas sharing the same Tag, messing with the function)
  • Fixed a bug in the trading hall that was allowing a too remunerative exchange of goods/gold

  • It is not allowed anymore to store the same spell more than once inside the same sequencer. All spells stored must differ from each other
  • Fixed Sequencer Robe casting multiple summons allowing a player to keep up more than one standard summon at same time
  • Fixed henchmen commands not working
  • Fixed a bug with henchmen and persistent chest that was causing the chest to not selectable under some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing a henchman to be levelled up to the character level, skipping henchmen level limit.
  • You can hire a new henchman before server reset after some amount of time from the first purchase (still, you can keep only one active at the same time)
  • Max henchmen level raised to 10 (up from 7)
  • Max hire level allowed raised to 10 (up from 6)
  • Improved Henchmen auto-equip function
  • It is not allowed anymore to partially/fully solo a raid, not even to try. Mini-boss and Final-boss won’t spawn at all if a party of at least THREE players is not in the same area and close to each other when passing through each trigger
  • Rename Items name and description options have been removed to avoid exploits or scams between players.
  • Removed some character customization options that could lead into character invalidation or could interfere with subraces skins or custom skins
  • Removed horse customization menu (we are going to have a persistent stable system)
It is now possible to Upgrade Green Items into VENGEFUL Green Items. It will require BOTH Gold and XP:
  • It costs 10kk gold and 100k XP PER item, the process is 100% safe.
  • The upgrade won’t give any slot bonus, it will just set the item as Vengeful for better set bonus
Green Vengeful Power UP options reworked:
  • Max power up level is +4 (down from +6)
An item won’t be destroyed anymore if the upgrade Critically Fails, but instead:
  • On Critical Failure, the item will be “damaged”, and 1 Power UP will be lost.
  • if I try to power up a Vengeful +2 item, and it critically fails, it will go back to Vengeful +1.
  • If the original item was a Vengeful +1, it will be restored as default Vengeful.
  • Critically fail will also remove ONE slot from the item:
IF the item still has some slots available, it simply decreases the total amount of available slots.
IF the item was already FULL, ONE property will be automatically removed! (so, keep in mind this when upgrading your items!)
Changes to Success-Fail have been adjusted too:
  • Step 1: 70% Success – 30% Critical Failure | Cost: 10kk gold OR 100k XP
  • Step 2: 50% Success – 50% Critical Failure | Cost: 20kk gold OR 200k XP
  • Step 3: 30% Success – 70% Critical Failure | Cost: 30kk gold OR 300k XP
  • Step 4: 10% Success – 90% Critical Failure | Cost: 40kk gold OR 400k XP
  • Socketable Ammo and Socketable Throwing weapons reload function has been reworked and any issue is solved (no more item set bonus stack, no more stop attack on reload, etc)
  • Splitting a Socketable Ammo/Throwing weapon or a Nordock Ammo/Throwing weapon is not allowed anymore and is forbidden from the game engine itself.
  • Socketable Ammo/Throwing weapons are now free to be transferred at will without the need of the player wand.
  • Food system has been reworked: food is now stored inside the main “Food Rations” item itself (not into MySQL DB anymore). The food ration item can now be moved and dropped at will. A new one will be created on login or on the first food ration loot if you haven’t one. Due to this change, your food amount will be zero on first login.
  • Vengeful Items can now have some more different random power up properties
  • Fully reworked unwanted items delete function
  • To resurrect a player, you now need to be in the same party. You can still move corpses without restrictions though
  • Custom Skin Purchase: forced to relog on purchase to apply skin properties.
  • Scrapping a Vengeful Nordock Item will give 50% more tokens
  • Using a new NWNX Plugin that allows a far faster way to manage variables on objects. Due to this change, all XP Debts have been reset and all Player States have been reset too (no dead on login at first login after this patch, no XP Debt on first login after this patch, no Soul Fragment on first login after this patch, etc)
  • Reworked all main stores in Nordock, each faction will now have its own store shared through all its temples. Stores will reset like before each 8 hours or when a DM will call for it. Stores will be fully restored after the reset (no more empty pages, no missing potions)
  • Grando Store will reset too
  • Nordock Items will be purchased from now on from a NORMAL store instead of being from a conversation. Each item will have its price marked in RED. Your character will be automatically saved after each purchase.
Reworked Nordock Craft Staff: removed all epic spell cast and any other spell cast and replaced with:
  • Greater Spell Mantle (5 x day)
  • Horrid Wilting (5 x day)
  • Isaac’s Greater Missile Storm (5 x day)
  • Mind Blank (5 x day)
  • Mordenkainen’s Disjunction (5 x day)
Reworked Nordock Craft Shaman Staff: removed all epic spell cast and any other spell cast and replaced with:
  • Greater Sanctuary (3 x day)
  • Mass Heal (5 x day)
  • Implosion(5 x day)
  • Harm (5 x day)
  • Undeaths Eternal Foe (5 x day)
As noted below, fully removed the Automatic Ammo generation from Nordock Ranged weapons (read below)
  • Replaced Exceptionally Crafted Mithral Plate Set Bonus – Immunity Death Magic (was Fear)
  • Replaced not-working slashing property on craftable Katanas overall
  • Galdor’s Blade has been replaced with a version without Vorpal. It will re-added later once I’ll have figured how to modify its standard behavior
  • Replaced Nodock Craft Ammos: fully deleted Nordock Quivers and removed the function to generate Nordock Ammo from Nordock Ranged weapons. Nordock Ammos can now be purchased with Boss Tokens in Castle Gledario. Working the same as Socketable Ammo, you will need to buy only 1 stack of ammo, and it will reload itself automatically. Nordock Ammo can be upgraded to VENGEFUL using the Shrine of Vengeful Power
  • Added Nordock Throwing Weapons (work same as Socketable Throwing Weapons, the stack will be reloaded automatically). Nordock Throwing Weapons can be looted as any other Nordock weapon and share the same chance to be VENGEFUL on loot.
  • Auto-Identify on loot: if you character has at least 1 skill point invested into LORE, he/she will automatically try to identify any fresh looted item
  • Anti-Exploit: Casters won’t be able to buff another character that is lower and that is OUT from his/her party range.
  • Inn System: Completely redesigned the Inn system into all Nordock. Inns will now have a shared shop that player can access from any Inn, it won’t buy any adventure items though. Inns will require players to rent a room to rest inside them (no key will be given, but a variable on a player will be set). Inside an Inn you can sleep as much as you want without having to wait. Due to that there are more no-sleep areas now (mostly city areas)
  • Gate: lasts 1 turn each 4 caster levels (up from 1 round for each caster level)
  • Restored Book of Summons: it will allow the caster to select which elemental to cast (more to come in the future with different epic summon choices, etc)
  • Added missing Earth/Fire elemental summons
  • Adjusted some summons abilities
  • Epic summons won’t heal the caster anymore. They will have their own heals for themselves though
  • Added Single Area/Global Module weather functions
  • Improved tool overall
  • Added permanent ban tool
  • Cleaned some unused areas and deleted tons of unused scripts and items to make room for new content
I am late on what I was expecting to do but all that has been done so far was necessary for me to be able to keep going with this project. So, everything will be delayed a little bit, but with time it will be done
  • No GCD Dungeons (coming soon)
  • New dungeons and hunting areas (coming soon)
  • Subraces rework (coming 1st mid of year)
  • Low level areas rework (coming 2nd mid of year)
  • Etc, etc, etc
Note for everyone: I am starting to fight against cheaters and exploiters more than ever. I don’t want to see my time wasted after some glitch, bug, whatever. I simply spend too much time after this to see ppl not reporting issues to me thinking to be able to do what they want without consequences.

I thank those who keep reporting bugs to me, and I warn those that didn’t do that before when they should have. There won’t be another chance.