Patch Note January 28, 2021

Test Area has been build new from zero:
  • Added multiple training grounds: characters can enter up to 4 training grounds and fight different creatures (even 1 or more boss creatures at the same time). Once a ground it taken, no one else is allowed inside of it unless the character is into the same party of who is already inside. (There can't be more than 4 creatures per testing ground)
  • The Test Area is now one big area only
  • Added many more Trainers spreaded all over the area
  • Added return portals alongside the Skins Shop part
  • Items turned to VENGEFUL in Test Area are now keeping the TEST flag into their name
  • Added Creature Size info to Skin names
  • Polymorph Armor AC Bonus form spells (Tenser and Shapechange only), how scale with caster level (maximum is achieved at level 40 for Druid/Sorcerer/wizard).
  • Aligned polymorph duration with other polymorph effects stored on the character (the durations used to desync on logout/character save)
  • Parties with a CR >10 of the encounter CR will spawn more creatures compared to the default party size
  • Parties with a CR >20 of the encounter CR will spawn the maximum allowed by that encounter
  • It is now possible to have multiple Boss Creatures with firing mechanics in the same area.
  • Each boss will fire its own mechanics into his mechanics range (stronger the boss, wider the range)
  • When a boss dies, any creature spawned and bound to it will die too
  • Fixed characters with custom skins and custom size resizing also while polymorphed
  • Fixed temporary item properties (from spells), on items being removed during character save while polymorphed
  • Party Average Limit increased at -4.5 (up from -4.0)
  • Fixed Misty Hidden Forest missing spawn points
  • Fixed Encounters set to not respawn still respawning
  • ILR for Scrolls has been adjusted and is now based on the minimum level required by a creature to fire that spell (max ILR is 17)
  • Added Blackguard Socketable Gems
  • XP Gain slightly reduced (XP Multiplier set to 10, down from 12)