Patch Note January 26, 2022

Hello folks! This patch brings in a lot of new features, tons of adjustments, some fixes and new juicy systems for you! Check it out down below.


  • Ranged weapons, by default had all a 30 meters max firing range.
  • It wasn't making much sense considering a Long Bow was having the same range of a Throwing Axe, or Sling.
These are the new MAX ranges for each ranged weapon type:
  • Dart, Throwing Axe, Shuriken:   15 meters
  • Short Bow:                                    20 meters
  • Long Bow:                                     25 meters
  • Light Crossbow:                          25 meters
  • Heavy Crossbow:                        35 meters
  • Sling:                                             17.5 meters

  • Once a player corpse is clicked by another player, the name of the corpse will be shown only if that player is in party with the owner of the corpse. If the owner is offline, or not in player's party, a generic string is shown.
  • A conversation will pop up, allowing to chose between "take the corpse", or "leave". 
  • That conversation can be loaded while in combat, while in stealth, etc.
  • Removed a very high CPU consuming HB script from the old corpses system which was causing system stress when dozens of corpses were accumulating in the world
  • When you pickup the corpse, the weight of the corpse will be the total weight (inventory included!), of the owner of the corpse. Be careful since this might make you slow down a lot and can be dangerous, especially if you loot the corpse while in combat.
  • Added Portrait of the owner, to the corpse on the ground.
  • The corpse is now intangible, to prevent an exploit.
New emote quick-chat commands have been added to the game, this is the list:
  • /dance
  • /sit (sit on floor)
  • /sit_near (sit on nearest chair)
  • /meditate
  • /drunk
  • /read
  • /worship
  • Added a new system that allows players with magic classes (if that class is able to cast spells for that specific character), to store up to 5 different spell books on database.
  • Each spell book can be retrieved at will, but uses of spells will be set to zero each time a spell book is retrieved, so do that only before resting, in case you need to switch from a setup to another. depending on the situation.
  • This function is available on characters Player Wand.
  • Added several new quests over the world. No spoilers, check them out!
Added quest markers system:
  • NPCs with quests available for your character will show a yellow "!" over their head.
  • Once the quest is accepted but not yet completed, the NPC will show a silver "?" over its head.
  • Once the quest is completed and ready to be turned in, the NPC will show a yellow "?" over its head.
  • Once the quest gets delivered, if another one is available, the yellow "!", will re-appear over the NPC head.
  • Is no more quests are available from that NPC, nothing is shown.
  • You can disable these markers (if you want more in-game immersion), by switching them off from Player Wand settings.
  • Revamped Benzor Slums (more NPCs, quests), check it out!
  • Adjusted Benzor Slums encounters difficulty
  • Benzor Salty Dog: added many story tellers which will help players in finding quests around the city, check it out!
  • Reworked how spells check and apply item properties on items (Spells like Dark Fire, Magic Weapon, etc)
  • When you apply an item property, the system will check and replace any item property coming from that spell ID only, ignoring the rest.
  • This solves the issue of bonus coming from set bonus, or spells, overlapping each other. The system then will take the highest bonus available (for properties that won't stack), and will use that one.
  • Adjusted difficulty in Assaulted Island training hall low level encounters
  • Adjusted (improved), Semli's Helm stats
  • Added more black bear spawns in Hunting Wood, Trommel Wood, Eastern March.
  • Adjusted Flowers in Eastern March
  • Adjusted Flowers in Gurnal islan - Shores
  • Adjusted Phimela stats, feats and spells
  • Replaced Old Brosna Crypt weird transition
  • Added local map signpost to main cities
  • Some hostile spells for which the caster is supposed to choose its targets (Prayer, Call Lightning), are not affecting NPC party members anymore by default
  • Improved UMD checks for scrolls, now reporting what happens in player's logs, and allowing cast of spells if one of character's classes is a class able to cast that spell from the scroll.
  • Re-enabled Rhonnie's default arena (xMass arena will come back)
  • Vault Chests are now intangible, to prevent an exploit
  • Added new level 40 pure Shapechange and Tenser Transformation forms for pure Wizards or Sorcerers.
  • Added 1 more attack per round to Pure Wizard and Sorcerer using Shapechange spell shapes
  • Removed 1 attack per round from pure Wizard and Sorcerer Tenser transformation (now tops at 6 APR)
  • Removed challenge rating estimation when examining a creature, it was causing more confusion than benefits since the math behind the check does not take into account many aspects between the player examining, and the creature.
  • Fixed guardian from gateway not checking for polymorph (that was messing the race check to determine where to spawn the character)
  • Fixed some items from crafting system having mismatched stats
  • Fixed quest system conversation tokens overwrite issue
  • Fixed closed door and chest in Undersea Area, miniboss room.
  • Fixed Commoners/Duergars being hostile to each other
  • Fixed Inn door in Nocturnae, not allowing to interact with the Inn
  • Fixed Duergars Wings location
  • Fixed Final Boss mechanic of spawning a miniboss to kill, not allowing the Final Boss to heal, thus wasting all the potions at once.
  • Fixed final portal in Damned Tower being unlocked when the fight starts