Patch Note January 20, 2021

A Dawn of Heroes now requires NWSync. Upon your first login into ADOH you will automatically download the necessary files required to play in sync with the server. Each time the files will be updated, you will be prompted to download the differences.
  • For the moment, only mere settings files are needed, which means the download will be very small (around 15 MB)
  • In the future, thanks to NWSync we will have the chance to add much more custom content.
Added a new encounter system which replaces entirely the default from Bioware. 
This encounter system will consider Races & Rubraces ECL when spawning out creatures.
  • NOTE: This means that a level 1 Vampire (ECL +3), will spawn creatures as for a level 4 normal human. XP will be higher, but also the challenge. Be careful.
  • Many more customizations are now possible thanks to this new system, and we will get even more benefits with future updates.

Player Corpses:
  • If a player corpse gets destroyed or moved into an invalid area (limbo), by a DM, the corpse is re-created at that player faction cemetery
Free Resurrection:
  • Players accidentally killed by AOEs from non-party member non-hostile characters are now granted a Free Resurrection
Trade Hall:
  • The Trade Hall automatically reduces the amount of available items each Monday by a random % per item
Party Range:
While a wide party range was a benefit for lowbies, too much range would end up in high level players doing all the work and leave the lowbies behind, learning nothing.

These are the new party ranges:
  • Max level of difference between Highest member and Lowest member reduced to 8 (was 10)
  • Max level gap between highest member and party average reduced to -4 (was -5)
Dungeon / Raids:
Adjusted Black Deep Raid:
  • Improved miniboss overall
  • Loot increased
  • Added 1 mini boss
  • Enhanced RAID esthetic
  • Moved Black Magic Sky View entrance to Tree Upper Level
  • Adjusted socketable items and gems drop rate in raids
Feats changes:
  • Stunning fist duration increased to 2 rounds
  • Extra stunning fist grants 5 stunning fists instead of 3
  • Dirty Fighting: adds 1d8 damage
  • Self concealment: increased conceal bonus, up to 70% with Self Concealment V. Requirements reduced to 20 DEX, 20 Hide, 20 Tumble, Improved Evasion
  • Shadow Evade: corrected and buffed scaling
Epic Toughness:
  • gives 50% more permanent health at each feat level (max 300hp with Epic Toughness X)
Defensive stance:
  • Bonus from the combat stance: +4 STR +6CON +4 saves +6 Dodge AC
Outsider Shape:
  • Rakshasa caster level: shifter levels plus half of druid levels.
  • If the character has Maximize Spells or Empower Spells, rakshasa spells are maximized or empowered as well automatically (maximize takes priority over empower)
  • Assassin: gained spell book with useful spells, removed spell like abilities
Polymorph Shapes:
  • Adjusted all shapes default stats
  • Shifter with 30 levels will have better shapes and 1 more attack
  • Monk class won't merge AC or AB progression anymore
  • AC from items: as before, still only the highest from items is counted
  • AC from shape: each shape gets both dodge and armor AC from polymorphing
  • Bonus feats: having Spell Focus Transmutation, Greater Spell Focus Transmutation or Epic Spell Focus Transmutation will give a bonus to AC and AB: 1 for SFT, 2 for GSFT, 4 for ESFT
Spells changes:
Bard Song:
  • Sold benefits prevented on out of range party members
  • Silenced targets will get the buff, only deafened won't
Fireball, Lightning bolt, Scintillating Sphere:
  • damage cap removed, scales with caster level each each 2 caster levels
Continual Flame:
  • lasts for 2 hours per caster level
Classes changes:
  • Red Dragon Disciple: Gets +4 STR and +2COS at level 20 AND at lvl 30
  • Pale Master: Gets +2AC at level 30
  • Ranger: Gets Awakes, Summon Creature V, Vine Mine, Monstrous Regeneration as level 5 spells
  • Blackguard: now has spells, removed default spell like abilities
  • Assassin: now has spells, removed default spell like abilities
  • Shifter: gets Move Silently as class skill, can select spell focus feats during shifter levels
Creatures Size Malus / Bonus:
  • Adjusted ALL appearances personal space, everything should get stuck far less now
  • Size AC Bonus: vanilla
  • Size AB Bonus: Tiny (-2), Small (-1), Large (+1), Huge (+2)
Donor Skins:
  • Reviewed Skin Tokens prices overall (aligned with current world economy)
  • Added MANY more skins
  • Added Premium skins obtainable with on-time donations
Note about premium skins: it is still possible to obtain these skins with the in-game Skin Token currency.

Nordock Items Cost:
The economy on ADOH has evolved over the past months, many more Epic and Boss Tokens can now be found in Dungeons & Raids, to not talk about QM driven events.

This made Nordock items to lose value, and so their cost in Boss Tokens. 

These are the new costs:
  • Armors, Shields, Helmets, Amulets, Belts, Ammunitions: 15 Boss Tokens
  • Anything else purchasable: 10 Boss Tokens
Due to this change, the Boss Tokens obtained from scrapping a Nordock Item has been slightly increased.

ITEMS changes:

  • Whip can now be equipped in both hands
  • Creature weapons can be powered with feats as unarmed weapons
  • Updated Crafting Guide
  • Updated World Map
  • Corrected several sentences
  • Adoh now accepts donations with Cryptocurrencies
  • Adoh now accepts one-time donations for in-game appearances
  • Added multiple desocket anvils in Castle Glendario
  • Added desocket anvil in Test Area
  • When a player levels up, all negative effects are removed
  • Adjusted Bloodwood Crypt final door lever
  • Adjusted Bloodwood Chests
  • Removed tons of unused resources
  • Adjusted Fugue Plane appearance
  • Added Ranger level 3-4 spell slot gems
  • Added Blackguard spell slot gems
  • Added Extra Ranged Damage gems
  • Adjusted Pitunk Clan Caves Spawns
  • Adjusted Mohrg Properties
  • Created a custom TLK file with almost all text changes in A Dawn of Heroes (players will be able to check spells and feats the way they work in adoh directly from ingame)
  • Fixed Glondar Rest urns not opening
  • Fixed Glondar Rest area being unreachable
  • Fixed Gorgoroth return portal not working
  • Fixed DM statistics not reporting daily kills
  • Fixed Transition Underdark Central - West
  • Fixed Bloodwook crypt trap door